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  •     Modular Design Supports Variable Stack Heights
  •     Three Basic Size Profiles Available To Reduce Time To Market
  •     Front I/O Plate Can Be Easily Customized For Feature and Function
  •     High and Low Ingress Protection (IP) Systems Possible via High IP Modular Chassis Design Coupled With Full Custom, Quick-Turn Faceplate/Backplate and High IP Connectors
  •     Thermally Conductive Base, Ribbed Sidewalls and Finned Top For Superior Conductive and Radiative Cooling
  •     Easily Support Changes To Long-Running Projects Without Replacing Entire Enclosure
  •     Only Available as Part of Full System Design


The ADLMES-8200 is an innovation within embedded enclosure design. Its highly configurable modularity makes it possible to expand or reduce a system without replacing the entire enclosure. Side modules may be added or removed as system requirements evolve. Three basic size profiles provide a high availability starting point for meeting your specifications. Once integrated, the ADLMES-8200 lends itself to extending the life of existing products by allowing the enclosure to be modified with minimal impact; translating into lower development and sustaining costs, and shorter development cycles

The ADLMES-8200 thermally conductive base, ribbed sidewalls and finned top provide radiative and conductive cooling paths for superior thermal management to the outside of the enclosure. The ADLMES front I/O plate can be quick-turned and built to custom specifications to support most types of I/O connectors. If additional I/O connectors are required, the MES backplate can also be customized in a minimal configuration.

The ADLMES-8200 can be further customized for high IP requirements by replacing the front I/O plate and bezel with a custom milled faceplate that supports the pre-specified high IP connectors. Supported by ADL Embedded Solutions’ Team of SolidWorks design and modeling engineers, customizations are handled expertly and efficiently.

Modular components equate to high availability and shortened time to market. For more information on the ADLMES-8200 or how it can be customized to a specific application, contact our experienced team of engineers


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