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ROM Monitor

ROM monitors usually run with the EPROM simulator. Some versions are available for RS232 operation or together with evaluation boards from other 3rd party manufacturers. The communication can also be done by a customer supplied .DLL file. This allows to use any other (proprietary) communication protocol or hardware for debugging.

Compatible with Emulator
Support for C,C++ and ASM
Communication via Eprom Simulator
Communication via RS232 or customized .DLL link
Windows9x, WindowsNT and Unix
Monitor Code with Source
Monitor Code Royalty Free
Support for
  386DX, 386EX, 386SX, 486, 8051XAG1, 8051XAG2, 8051XAG3, 8086, 8088, 80C186EA, 80C186EB, 80C186EC, 80C186XL, 80C188EA, 80C188EB, 80C188EC, 80C188XL, 88AP128, 88AP162, 88AP166, 88AP168, 88E6208, 88E6218, 88F5082, 88F5180N, 88F5181, 88F5181L, 88F5182, 88F5281, 88F6082, 88F6180, 88F6183, 88F6183L, 88F6190, 88F6192, 88F6280, 88F6281, 88F6282, 88F6283, 88F6321, 88F6322, 88F6323, 88FR101, 88FR102, 88FR111, 88FR131, 88FR301, 88FR321, 88FR331, 88FR521, 88FR531, 88FR571, 88I6745, 88SV581X-V6, 8XC194, 8XC196EN, 8XC196KB, 8XC196KC, 8XC196KD, 8XC198, 90CE201, 90CL301, 90CL302, 90CL303, 93C100, 93C101, 93C110, A2F060, A2F200, A2F500, A9500, A9540, AAEC-2000, AD6522, AD6526, AD6528, AD6529, AD6532, ADUC7020, ADUC7021, ADUC7022, ADUC7023, ADUC7024, ADUC7025, ADUC7026, ADUC7027, ADUC7028, ADUC7029, ADUC7030, ADUC7032, ADUC7033, ADUC7034, ADUC7036, ADUC7039, ADUC7121, ADUC7122, ADUC7124, ADUC7128, ADUC7129, AM1707, AM1808, AM1810, AM186CC, AM186CH, AM186CU, AM186ED, AM186EM, AM186EMLV, AM186ER, AM186ES, AM186ESLV, AM188EM, AM188EMLV, AM188ER, AM188ES, AM188ESLV, AM3352, AM3354, AM3356, AM3357, AM3358, AM3359, AM3505, AM3517, AM3703, AM3715, AM3872, AM3874, AM3892, AM3894, ARM1020E, ARM1022E, ARM1026EJ-S, ARM1136J-S, ARM1136JF-S, ARM1156T2-S, ARM1156T2F-S, ARM1176JZ-S, ARM1176JZF-S, ARM11MPCORE, ARM710T, ARM710T-AMBA, ARM720T, ARM720T-AMBA, ARM740T, ARM740T-AMBA, ARM7DI, ARM7EJ-S, ARM7TDMI, ARM7TDMI-AMBA, ARM7TDMI-S, ARM915T, ARM920T, ARM922T, ARM926EJ-S, ARM940T, ARM946E-S, ARM966E-S, ARM968E-S, ARM9E-S, ARM9EJ-S, ARM9TDMI, AT75C220, AT75C310, AT75C320, AT76C501, AT76C502, AT76C502A, AT76C503, AT76C503A, AT76C510, AT76C551, AT76C901, AT78C1501, AT91CAP7E, AT91CAP7S250A, AT91CAP7S450A, AT91CAP9E, AT91CAP9EC, AT91CAP9S250A, AT91CAP9S500A, AT91CAP9SC250A, AT91CAP9SC500A, AT91F40416, AT91F40816, AT91FR40162, AT91FR4042, AT91FR4081, AT91M40100, AT91M40400, AT91M40403, AT91M40800, AT91M40807, AT91M42800A, AT91M43300, AT91M55800A, AT91M63200, AT91R40008, AT91R40807, AT91RM3400, AT91RM9200, AT91SAM3A4C, AT91SAM3A8C, AT91SAM3N00A, AT91SAM3N00B, AT91SAM3N0A, AT91SAM3N0B, AT91SAM3N0C, AT91SAM3N1A, AT91SAM3N1B, AT91SAM3N1C, AT91SAM3N2A, AT91SAM3N2B, AT91SAM3N2C, AT91SAM3N4A, AT91SAM3N4B, AT91SAM3N4C, AT91SAM3S16C, AT91SAM3S1A, AT91SAM3S1B, AT91SAM3S1C, AT91SAM3S2A, AT91SAM3S2B, AT91SAM3S2C, AT91SAM3S4A, AT91SAM3S4B, AT91SAM3S4C, AT91SAM3S8B, AT91SAM3S8C, AT91SAM3SD8B, AT91SAM3SD8C, AT91SAM3U1C, AT91SAM3U1E, AT91SAM3U2C, AT91SAM3U2E, AT91SAM3U4C, AT91SAM3U4E, AT91SAM3X4C, AT91SAM3X4E, AT91SAM3X8C, AT91SAM3X8E, AT91SAM7A1, AT91SAM7A2, AT91SAM7A3, AT91SAM7L128, AT91SAM7L64, AT91SAM7S128, AT91SAM7S256, AT91SAM7S32, AT91SAM7S321, AT91SAM7S512, AT91SAM7S64, AT91SAM7SE256, AT91SAM7SE32, AT91SAM7SE512, AT91SAM7X128, AT91SAM7X256, AT91SAM7X512, AT91SAM7XC128, AT91SAM7XC256, AT91SAM7XC512, AT91SAM9260, AT91SAM9261, AT91SAM9263, AT91SAM9G10, AT91SAM9G20, AT91SAM9G45, AT91SAM9M10, AT91SAM9R64, AT91SAM9RL64, AT91SAM9XE128, AT91SAM9XE256, AT91SAM9XE512, AT91SC321RC, ATSAM4E16C, ATSAM4E16E, ATSAM4E8C, ATSAM4E8E, ATSAM4LC2A, ATSAM4LC2B, ATSAM4LC2C, ATSAM4LC4A, ATSAM4LC4B, ATSAM4LC4C, ATSAM4LS2A, ATSAM4LS2B, ATSAM4LS2C, ATSAM4LS4B, ATSAM4LS4C, ATSAM4S16A, ATSAM4S16B, ATSAM4S16C, ATSAM4S8A, ATSAM4S8B, ATSAM4S8C, ATSAMA5D31, ATSAMA5D33, ATSAMA5D34, ATSAMA5D35, BC6911, BCM, BERYLLIUM, BU7611AKU, C161..167, C161CI, C161CS, C161JI, C161K, C161O, C161PI, C161RI, C161S, C161SI, C161U, C161V, C161XX, C163, C163-16F, C163-24D, C164CH, C164CI, C164CL, C164CM, C164SI, C164SM, C164SV, C165, C165H, C165UTAH, C166CBC, C167, C167C, C167CR, C167CS, C167CW, C167SR, CBC32XXA, CDC3207G, CDC3272G, CDC32XXG, CDMAX, CEA32XXA, CL-PS7110, CL-PS7111, CL-PS7500FE, CL-SH8665, CL-SH8668, CLARITY, CN9414, CORTEX-A15, CORTEX-A15MPCORE, CORTEX-A5, CORTEX-A5MPCORE, CORTEX-A7, CORTEX-A7MPCORE, CORTEX-A8, CORTEX-A9, CORTEX-A9MPCORE, CORTEX-M0, CORTEX-M1, CORTEX-M3, CORTEX-M4, CORTEX-R4, CORTEX-R4F, CORTEX-R5, CORTEX-R5F, CORTEX-R5MPCORE, CS22210, CS22220, CS22230, CS22250, CS22270, CS7522, CS7542, CS89712, CSM5000, CSM5200, CX22490, CX22491, CX22492, CX22496, CX81210, CX81400, CX82100, CY8C5245, CY8C5246, CY8C5247, CY8C5248, CY8C5385, CY8C5386, CY8C5387, CY8C5388, CY8C5485, CY8C5486, CY8C5487, CY8C5488, CY8C5585, CY8C5586, CY8C5587, CY8C5588, CYCLONEVSOC, D5205, D5313, D5314, DB5500, DB8500, DB8540, DIGICOLOR-OA980, DRX401, DRX402, DRX403, DRX404, DRX406, DRX407, DRX414, DRX416, DRX440, DRX442, DRX443, DRX444, DRX445, DRX446, DRX447, DRX449, DRX453, DRX457, DRX459, ECONA_CNS1101, ECONA_CNS1102, ECONA_CNS1104, ECONA_CNS1105, ECONA_CNS1109, ECONA_CNS1202, ECONA_CNS1205, ECONA_CNS2131, ECONA_CNS2132, ECONA_CNS2133, ECONA_CNS2181, ECONA_CNS2182X, EFM32G200F, EFM32G210F, EFM32G222F, EFM32G230F, EFM32G232F, EFM32G280F, EFM32G290F, EFM32G840F, EFM32G842F, EFM32G880F, EFM32G890F, EFM32GG230F, EFM32GG232F, EFM32GG280F, EFM32GG290F, EFM32GG295F, EFM32GG330F, EFM32GG332F, EFM32GG380F, EFM32GG390F, EFM32GG395F, EFM32GG840F, EFM32GG842F, EFM32GG880F, EFM32GG890F, EFM32GG895F, EFM32GG940F, EFM32GG942F, EFM32GG980F, EFM32GG990F, EFM32GG995F, EFM32TG108F, EFM32TG110F, EFM32TG210F, EFM32TG222F, EFM32TG225F, EFM32TG230F, EFM32TG232F, EFM32TG822F, EFM32TG825F, EFM32TG840F, EFM32TG842F, EFM32WG230F, EFM32WG232F, EFM32WG280F, EFM32WG290F, EFM32WG295F, EFM32WG330F, EFM32WG332F, EFM32WG380F, EFM32WG390F, EFM32WG395F, EFM32WG840F, EFM32WG842F, EFM32WG880F, EFM32WG890F, EFM32WG895F, EFM32WG940F, EFM32WG942F, EFM32WG980F, EFM32WG990F, EFM32WG995F, EM773, EP7209, EP7211, EP7212, EP7309, EP7311, EP7312, EP7339, EP7407, EP9301, EP9307, EP9312, EP9315, EPXA1, EPXA10, EPXA4, ERTEC200, ERTEC400, EXYNOS4212, EXYNOS4412, EXYNOS5250, FA526, FA606TE, FA626, FA626TE, GMS30C7201, GP4020, H8/3006, H8/3007, H8/3008, H8/3044, H8/3045, H8/3046, H8/3047, H8/3048, H8/3052, H8/3060, H8/3061, H8/3062, H8/3064, H8/3065, H8/3066, H8/3067, H8/3068, H8S/2120, H8S/2122, H8S/2123, H8S/2124, H8S/2126, H8S/2127, H8S/2128, H8S/2130, H8S/2132, H8S/2133, H8S/2134, H8S/2137, H8S/2138, H8S/2142, H8S/2143, H8S/2144, H8S/2147, H8S/2148, H8S/2214, H8S/2223, H8S/2225, H8S/2227, H8S/2233, H8S/2235, H8S/2236, H8S/2237, H8S/2238, H8S/2240, H8S/2241, H8S/2242, H8S/2243, H8S/2244, H8S/2245, H8S/2246, H8S/2310, H8S/2311, H8S/2312, H8S/2316, H8S/2318, H8S/2319, H8S/2320, H8S/2322, H8S/2323, H8S/2324, H8S/2327, H8S/2328, H8S/2329, H8S/2332, H8S/2337, H8S/2338, H8S/2339, H8S/2340, H8S/2341, H8S/2343, H8S/2345, H8S/2350, H8S/2351, H8S/2352, H8S/2353, H8S/2355, H8S/2357, H8S/2367, H8S/2368, H8S/2377, H8S/2378, H8S/2612, H8S/2621, H8S/2622, H8S/2623, H8S/2626, H8S/2631, H8S/2632, H8S/2633, H8S/2636, H8S/2639, H8S/2646, H8S/2653, H8S/2655, H8SX/1642, H8SX/1644, H8SX/1648, H8SX/1648G, H8SX/1648H, H8SX/1663, H8SX/1664, H8SX/1668, H8SX/1668M, H8SX/1668R, H8SX/1725, HD64180R1, HD64180Z, HELIUM_100, HELIUM_200, HELIUM_210, HELIUM_500, HMS30C7202, HMS31C2816, HMS39C70512, HMS39C7092, IMX280, IMX281, IMX283, IMX285, IMX286, IMX287, IMX502, IMX503, IMX507, IMX508, IMX512, IMX513, IMX514, IMX515, IMX516, IMX534, IMX535, IMX536, IMX537, IMX538, IMX6DUAL, IMX6QUAD, IMX6SOLO, INCA-P, INFOSTREAM, IXP220, IXP225, KIRA100, KRAIT, KS17C40025, KS17F80013, KS32C61100, KS32P6632, L64324, L7200, L7205, L7210, LH75400, LH75401, LH75410, LH75411, LH77790, LH79520, LH7A400, LH7A404, LH7A405, LITHIUM, LM3S101, LM3S102, LM3S1110, LM3S1133, LM3S1138, LM3S1150, LM3S1162, LM3S1165, LM3S1332, LM3S1435, LM3S1439, LM3S1512, LM3S1538, LM3S1601, LM3S1607, LM3S1608, LM3S1620, LM3S1621, LM3S1625, LM3S1626, LM3S1627, LM3S1635, LM3S1637, LM3S1651, LM3S1751, LM3S1776, LM3S1811, LM3S1816, LM3S1850, LM3S1911, LM3S1918, LM3S1937, LM3S1958, LM3S1960, LM3S1968, LM3S1B21, LM3S1J11, LM3S1J16, LM3S1N11, LM3S1N16, LM3S1P51, LM3S1R21, LM3S1R26, LM3S1W16, LM3S1Z16, LM3S2110, LM3S2139, LM3S2276, LM3S2410, LM3S2412, LM3S2432, LM3S2533, LM3S2601, LM3S2608, LM3S2616, LM3S2620, LM3S2637, LM3S2651, LM3S2671, LM3S2678, LM3S2730, LM3S2739, LM3S2776, LM3S2793, LM3S2911, LM3S2918, LM3S2939, LM3S2948, LM3S2950, LM3S2965, LM3S2B93, LM3S300, LM3S301, LM3S308, LM3S310, LM3S315, LM3S316, LM3S317, LM3S328, LM3S3634, LM3S3651, LM3S3739, LM3S3748, LM3S3749, LM3S3759, LM3S3768, LM3S3826, LM3S3J26, LM3S3N26, LM3S3W26, LM3S3Z26, LM3S5632, LM3S5651, LM3S5652, LM3S5656, LM3S5662, LM3S5732, LM3S5737, LM3S5739, LM3S5747, LM3S5749, LM3S5752, LM3S5757, LM3S5762, LM3S5767, LM3S5768, LM3S5769, LM3S5791, LM3S5951, LM3S5956, LM3S5B91, LM3S5C31, LM3S5K31, LM3S5K36, LM3S5P31, LM3S5P36, LM3S5P51, LM3S5P56, LM3S5R31, LM3S5R36, LM3S5T36, LM3S5Y36, LM3S600, LM3S601, LM3S608, LM3S610, LM3S6100, LM3S611, LM3S6110, LM3S612, LM3S613, LM3S615, LM3S617, LM3S618, LM3S628, LM3S6420, LM3S6422, LM3S6432, LM3S6537, LM3S6610, LM3S6611, LM3S6618, LM3S6633, LM3S6637, LM3S6730, LM3S6753, LM3S6911, LM3S6918, LM3S6938, LM3S6950, LM3S6952, LM3S6965, LM3S800, LM3S801, LM3S808, LM3S811, LM3S812, LM3S815, LM3S817, LM3S818, LM3S828, LM3S8530, LM3S8538, LM3S8630, LM3S8730, LM3S8733, LM3S8738, LM3S8930, LM3S8933, LM3S8938, LM3S8962, LM3S8970, LM3S8971, LM3S9781, LM3S9790, LM3S9792, LM3S9997, LM3S9B81, LM3S9B90, LM3S9B92, LM3S9B95, LM3S9B96, LM3S9L97, LM4F110B2QR, LM4F110C4QR, LM4F110E5QR, LM4F110H5QR, LM4F111B2QR, LM4F111C4QR, LM4F111E5QR, LM4F111H5QR, LM4F112C4QC, LM4F112E5QC, LM4F112H5QC, LM4F112H5QD, LM4F120B2QR, LM4F120C4QR, LM4F120E5QR, LM4F120H5QR, LM4F121B2QR, LM4F121C4QR, LM4F121E5QR, LM4F121H5QR, LM4F122C4QC, LM4F122E5QC, LM4F122H5QC, LM4F122H5QD, LM4F130C4QR, LM4F130E5QR, LM4F130H5QR, LM4F131C4QR, LM4F131E5QR, LM4F131H5QR, LM4F132C4QC, LM4F132E5QC, LM4F132H5QC, LM4F132H5QD, LM4F230E5QR, LM4F230H5QR, LM4F231E5QR, LM4F231H5QR, LM4F232E5QC, LM4F232H5QC, LM4F232H5QD, LOGIC_CBP3.0, LOGIC_CBP4.0, LOGIC_L64324, LPC1101LV, LPC1102, LPC1102LV, LPC1110, LPC1111, LPC1112, LPC1112LV, LPC1113, LPC1114, LPC1114LV, LPC1115, LPC11A02, LPC11A04, LPC11A11, LPC11A12, LPC11A13, LPC11A14, LPC11C12, LPC11C14, LPC11C22, LPC11C24, LPC11D14, LPC11E11, LPC11E12, LPC11E13, LPC11E14, LPC11U12, LPC11U13, LPC11U14, LPC11U23, LPC11U24, LPC1224, LPC1225, LPC1226, LPC1227, LPC1311, LPC1313, LPC1315, LPC1316, LPC1317, LPC1342, LPC1343, LPC1345, LPC1346, LPC1347, LPC1751, LPC1752, LPC1754, LPC1756, LPC1758, LPC1759, LPC1763, LPC1764, LPC1765, LPC1766, LPC1767, LPC1768, LPC1769, LPC1770, LPC1772, LPC1774, LPC1776, LPC1777, LPC1778, LPC1780, LPC1781, LPC1785, LPC1786, LPC1787, LPC1788, LPC1810, LPC1820, LPC1830, LPC1850, LPC1853, LPC1857, LPC2101, LPC2102, LPC2103, LPC2104, LPC2105, LPC2106, LPC2109, LPC2112, LPC2114, LPC2119, LPC2124, LPC2129, LPC2131, LPC2131/01, LPC2132, LPC2132/01, LPC2134, LPC2134/01, LPC2136, LPC2136/01, LPC2138, LPC2138/01, LPC2141, LPC2142, LPC2144, LPC2146, LPC2148, LPC2194, LPC2210, LPC2212, LPC2214, LPC2220, LPC2290, LPC2292, LPC2294, LPC2364, LPC2365, LPC2366, LPC2367, LPC2368, LPC2377, LPC2378, LPC2387, LPC2388, LPC2458, LPC2460, LPC2468, LPC2470, LPC2478, LPC2880, LPC2888, LPC2915, LPC2917, LPC2917/01, LPC2919, LPC2919/01, LPC2921, LPC2923, LPC2925, LPC2926, LPC2930, LPC2939, LPC3000, LPC3130, LPC3131, LPC3141, LPC3143, LPC3152, LPC3154, LPC3180, LPC3220, LPC3230, LPC3240, LPC3250, LPC4310FBD144, LPC4310FET100, LPC4320FBD100, LPC4320FBD144, LPC4320FET100, LPC4330FBD144, LPC4330FET100, LPC4330FET180, LPC4330FET256, LPC4333FBD144, LPC4333FET180, LPC4333FET256, LPC4337FBD144, LPC4337FET100, LPC4337FET180, LPC4337FET256, LPC4350FBD208, LPC4350FET180, LPC4350FET256, LPC4353FET180, LPC4353FET256, LPC4357FBD208, LPC4357FET256, M0516LAN, M0516ZAN, M052LAN, M052ZAN, M054LAN, M054ZAN, M058LAN, M058ZAN, M1A3P1000, M1A3P1000L, M1A3P250, M1A3P400, M1A3P600, M1A3P600L, M1A3PE3000L, M1AFS1500, M1AFS250, M1AFS600, M1AGL1000, M1AGL250, M1AGL400, M1AGL600, M1AGLE3000, M2S005, M2S010, M2S025, M2S050, M2S080, M2S120, M4641, M7400, MAC7101, MAC7111, MAC7116, MAC7121, MAC7131, MAC7141, MB86H60, MB9AF102N, MB9AF102R, MB9AF104N, MB9AF104R, MB9AF105NA, MB9AF105RA, MB9AF111K, MB9AF111L, MB9AF111M, MB9AF111N, MB9AF112K, MB9AF112M, MB9AF112N, MB9AF114L, MB9AF114M, MB9AF114N, MB9AF115M, MB9AF115N, 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TMS570LS1224-PGE, TMS570LS1224-ZWT, TMS570LS1225-PGE, TMS570LS1225-ZWT, TMS570LS1227-ZWT, TMS570LS20206-PGE, TMS570LS20206-ZWT, TMS570LS20216-PGE, TMS570LS20216-ZWT, TMS570LS2124-PGE, TMS570LS2124-ZWT, TMS570LS2125-PGE, TMS570LS2125-ZWT, TMS570LS2134-PGE, TMS570LS2134-ZWT, TMS570LS2135-PGE, TMS570LS2135-ZWT, TMS570LS3134-PGE, TMS570LS3134-ZWT, TMS570LS3135-PGE, TMS570LS3135-ZWT, TMS570LS3137-PGE, TMS570LS3137-ZWT, UPD65977, UPLAT_CORE, UT80CRH196KDS, V20, V30, V40, V50, VCS94250, VF11xR, VF12xR, VF31xR, VF32xR, VF3xx, VF4xx, VF51xR, VF52xR, VF5xx, VF6xx, VF7xx, VMS747, VWS22100, VWS22110, VWS23112, VWS23201, VWS23202, VWS26001, XC161CJ, XC161CS, XC164CM, XC164CS, XC164D, XC164GM, XC164KM, XC164LM, XC164N, XC164S, XC164SM, XC164TM, XC167CI, XC2000ED, XC2210U, XC2220L, XC2220U, XC2224L, XC2230L, XC2234L, XC2234N, XC2236N, XC2237M, XC2238M, XC2238N, XC2263M, XC2263N, XC2264, XC2265M, XC2265N, XC2267, XC2267M, XC2268I, XC2268N, XC2269I, XC2285, XC2285M, XC2286, XC2286M, XC2287, XC2287M, 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ROM Monitor

Many CPUs Supported

Monitor Software for EPROM/FLASH Simulator

Monitor Software for Serial Communication (V.24, Ethernet, CAN, etc.
Other WWW Sites


High-Speed Interface through EPROM/FLASH Simulator

  • Download Speed 60 .. 400 KByte/s

WINDOWS Software

  • Operation System
  • ASM Debugger
  • HLL Debugger for C, C++, ADA, PASCAL, PL/M

Multiple Download Formats

  • IEEE
  • ROF
  • WS
  • HP
  • COFF
  • DBX
  • OMF


  • 8 KByte of memory needed by monitor
  • No RAM required for start-up

DLL Driver for Windows for V.24 Versions available

  • Easy integration in customer software and RTOS applications


IDE - Integrated Development Environment

ASM Debugger
  • Supports almost all file formats
  • Assembler source-level debugging
  • Advanced memory display
  • Inline assembler
  • Memory tests
  • Customizable windows
  • Peripheral windows
  • Terminal window
  • Semi-hosting
  • Flash programming
  • Full support for peripherals
High-Level-Language Debugging
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Full support for C++
  • Integrated into TRACE32 environment
  • Supports most compilers and hosts
  • Same user interface on different hosts
  • High speed download
  • Debugs optimized code
  • Display of function nesting
  • Display of linked lists
  • Powerful expression evaluation
Intelligent Loader
  • Up to 30 times faster download speed
  • Differential loader especially designed to speed-up iterative edit/compile/load cycles
  • Zipped download for large files
  • Memory contents are verified by checksum instead of reading memory
Logical Display of Peripherals
  • Display of onchip peripherals
  • User definable windows
  • Interactive window definition with softkey support
  • Pulldown menues for selection of choices
  • Additional description for each field
Script Language PRACTICE
  • Structured Language
  • Menu Support
  • Command Logs
  • Custom Menues
  • Custom Toolbars and Buttons
  • Custom Dialog Windows
  • 64-Bit Arithmetic
  • Numeric, Logical and String Operators
  • Direct Access to System States
NOR FLASH Programming
  • Internal and/or external NOR FLASH memories
  • All common NOR FLASH types
  • Programming of multiple NOR FLASH devices
  • Provided by debuggers and in-circuit emulators
NAND FLASH Programming
  • Generic and CPU-specific NAND FLASH controllers
  • Support all common NAND FLASH devices
  • Bad block treatment (skipped, reserved block area)
  • ECC generation
SIM Instruction Set Simulators
  • Easy high-level and assembler debugging
  • Interface to all compilers
  • Trace Buffer
  • Powerful script language
  • Software compatible to all TRACE32 tools
  • Hardware simulation
Trace-based Profiling
  • Detailed analysis of function run-times
  • Detailed analysis of task run-times and state
  • Graphical analysis of variable values over the time
  • Analysis of the time interval of a single event (e.g. Interrupt)
  • Analysis of the time interval between 2 defined events
Trace-based Code Coverage
  • Real-time code coverage without instrumentation
  • Suitable for long-term testing
  • Analysis for both assembly and source code level
  • Off-line review capabilities
  • Full support of multicore chips
  • Software trace of any size stored in an array structure on the target
  • General trace format provided by TRACE32-PowerView
  • Configuration and display commands provided by TRACE32-PowerView
  • Works as trace with address and data information
  • Works as a program flow trace (SH4, PowerPC)
  • Time stamp possible
  • Predefined algorithms to fill the trace provided by Lauterbach
  • User defined algorithms to fill the trace also possible
OS-aware Debugging
  • Statistic evaluation and graphic display of task run times
  • Task related evaluation of function run times
  • Statistic evaluation and graphic display of task states
  • Manual executed system calls
  • Task stack coverage
  • PRACTICE functions for OS data
  • RTOS related pull-down menu
  • Task selective debugging
3rd Party Tool Integration
  • Editor Integration
  • CASE Tool Integration
  • Kernel Integration
Help System
  • Acrobat Based Documentation
  • Fast Text Search
  • Device Specific Filtering
  • Basic and Advanced Help
  • Training Manuals Included
  • WWW Update



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