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SIM Instruction Set Simulators


SIM Instruction Set Simulators


Easy high-level and assembler debugging
Interface to all compilers
Trace Buffer
Powerful script language
Software compatible to all TRACE32 tools
Hardware simulation
Support for
  AT32UC3A0128, AT32UC3A0256, AT32UC3A0512, AT32UC3A1128, AT32UC3A1256, AT32UC3A1512, AT32UC3A3128, AT32UC3A3128S, AT32UC3A3256, AT32UC3A3256S, AT32UC3A364, AT32UC3A364S, AT32UC3A4128, AT32UC3A4128S, AT32UC3A4256, AT32UC3A4256S, AT32UC3A464, AT32UC3A464S, AT32UC3B0128, AT32UC3B0256, AT32UC3B0512, AT32UC3B064, AT32UC3B1128, AT32UC3B1256, AT32UC3B1512, AT32UC3B164, AT32UC3C0128C, AT32UC3C0256C, AT32UC3C0512C, AT32UC3C064C, AT32UC3C1128C, AT32UC3C1256C, AT32UC3C1512C, AT32UC3C164C, AT32UC3C2128C, AT32UC3C2256C, AT32UC3C2512C, AT32UC3C264C, AT32UC3L016, AT32UC3L032, AT32UC3L064, BA22, BA25, CC430F5123, CC430F5125, CC430F5133, CC430F5135, CC430F5137, CC430F5143, CC430F5145, CC430F5147, CC430F6125, CC430F6126, CC430F6127, CC430F6135, CC430F6137, CC430F6143, CC430F6145, CC430F6147, JN5148, JN5168, MICROBLAZE, MSP430AFE221, MSP430AFE222, MSP430AFE223, MSP430AFE231, MSP430AFE232, MSP430AFE233, MSP430AFE251, MSP430AFE252, MSP430AFE253, MSP430AFE4110, MSP430BT5190, MSP430C091, MSP430C092, MSP430C1101, MSP430C1111, MSP430C1121, MSP430C1331, MSP430C1351, MSP430C311, MSP430C312, MSP430C313, MSP430C314, MSP430C315, MSP430C323, MSP430C325, MSP430C336, MSP430C337, MSP430C412, MSP430C413, MSP430CG4616, MSP430CG4617, MSP430CG4618, MSP430CG4619, MSP430F110, MSP430F1101, MSP430F1101A, MSP430F1111A, MSP430F112, MSP430F1121, MSP430F1121A, MSP430F1122, MSP430F1132, MSP430F122, MSP430F1222, MSP430F123, MSP430F1232, MSP430F133, MSP430F135, MSP430F147, MSP430F1471, MSP430F148, MSP430F1481, MSP430F149, MSP430F1491, MSP430F155, MSP430F156, MSP430F157, MSP430F1610, MSP430F1611, MSP430F1612, MSP430F167, MSP430F168, MSP430F169, MSP430F2001, MSP430F2002, MSP430F2003, MSP430F2011, MSP430F2012, MSP430F2013, MSP430F2013-EP, MSP430F2101, MSP430F2111, MSP430F2112, MSP430F2121, MSP430F2122, MSP430F2131, MSP430F2132, MSP430F2232, MSP430F2234, MSP430F2252, MSP430F2254, MSP430F2272, MSP430F2274, MSP430F2274-EP, MSP430F233, MSP430F2330, MSP430F235, MSP430F2350, MSP430F2370, MSP430F2410, MSP430F2416, MSP430F2417, MSP430F2418, MSP430F2419, MSP430F247, MSP430F2471, MSP430F248, MSP430F2481, MSP430F249, MSP430F249-EP, MSP430F2491, MSP430F2616, MSP430F2617, MSP430F2618, MSP430F2618-EP, MSP430F2619, MSP430F2619-SHT, MSP430F412, MSP430F413, MSP430F4132, MSP430F415, MSP430F4152, MSP430F417, MSP430F423, MSP430F423A, MSP430F425, MSP430F4250, MSP430F425A, MSP430F4260, MSP430F427, MSP430F4270, MSP430F427A, MSP430F435, MSP430F4351, MSP430F436, MSP430F4361, MSP430F437, MSP430F4371, MSP430F438, MSP430F439, MSP430F447, MSP430F448, MSP430F4481, MSP430F449, MSP430F4491, MSP430F4616, MSP430F46161, MSP430F4617, MSP430F46171, MSP430F4618, MSP430F46181, MSP430F4619, MSP430F46191, MSP430F47126, MSP430F47127, MSP430F47163, MSP430F47166, MSP430F47167, MSP430F47173, MSP430F47176, MSP430F47177, MSP430F47183, MSP430F47186, MSP430F47187, MSP430F47193, MSP430F47196, MSP430F47197, MSP430F477, MSP430F478, MSP430F4783, MSP430F4784, MSP430F479, MSP430F4793, MSP430F4794, MSP430F5131, MSP430F5132, MSP430F5151, MSP430F5152, MSP430F5171, MSP430F5172, MSP430F5212, MSP430F5214, MSP430F5217, MSP430F5219, MSP430F5222, MSP430F5224, MSP430F5227, MSP430F5229, MSP430F5232, MSP430F5234, MSP430F5237, MSP430F5239, MSP430F5242, MSP430F5244, MSP430F5247, MSP430F5249, MSP430F5252, MSP430F5253, MSP430F5254, MSP430F5255, MSP430F5256, MSP430F5257, MSP430F5258, MSP430F5259, MSP430F5304, MSP430F5308, MSP430F5309, MSP430F5310, MSP430F5324, MSP430F5325, MSP430F5326, MSP430F5327, MSP430F5328, MSP430F5329, MSP430F5333, MSP430F5335, MSP430F5336, MSP430F5338, MSP430F5340, MSP430F5341, MSP430F5342, MSP430F5358, MSP430F5359, MSP430F5418, MSP430F5418A, MSP430F5419, MSP430F5419A, MSP430F5435, MSP430F5435A, MSP430F5436, MSP430F5436A, MSP430F5437, MSP430F5437A, MSP430F5438, MSP430F5438A, MSP430F5500, MSP430F5501, MSP430F5502, MSP430F5503, MSP430F5504, MSP430F5505, MSP430F5506, MSP430F5507, MSP430F5508, MSP430F5509, MSP430F5510, MSP430F5513, MSP430F5514, MSP430F5515, MSP430F5517, MSP430F5519, MSP430F5521, MSP430F5522, MSP430F5524, MSP430F5525, MSP430F5526, MSP430F5527, MSP430F5528, MSP430F5529, MSP430F5630, MSP430F5631, MSP430F5632, MSP430F5633, MSP430F5634, MSP430F5635, MSP430F5636, MSP430F5637, MSP430F5638, MSP430F5658, MSP430F5659, MSP430F6433, MSP430F6434, MSP430F6435, MSP430F6436, MSP430F6438, MSP430F6458, MSP430F6459, MSP430F6630, MSP430F6631, MSP430F6632, MSP430F6633, MSP430F6634, MSP430F6635, MSP430F6636, MSP430F6637, MSP430F6638, MSP430F6658, MSP430F6659, MSP430F6720, MSP430F6721, MSP430F6723, MSP430F6724, MSP430F6725, MSP430F6726, MSP430F6730, MSP430F6731, MSP430F6733, MSP430F6734, MSP430F6735, MSP430F6736, MSP430F6745, MSP430F67451, MSP430F6746, MSP430F67461, MSP430F6747, MSP430F67471, MSP430F6748, MSP430F67481, MSP430F6749, MSP430F67491, MSP430F6765, MSP430F67651, MSP430F6766, MSP430F67661, MSP430F6767, MSP430F67671, MSP430F6768, MSP430F67681, MSP430F6769, MSP430F67691, MSP430F6775, MSP430F67751, MSP430F6776, MSP430F67761, MSP430F6777, MSP430F67771, MSP430F6778, MSP430F67781, MSP430F6779, MSP430F67791, MSP430FE423, MSP430FE4232, MSP430FE423A, MSP430FE4242, MSP430FE425, MSP430FE4252, MSP430FE425A, MSP430FE427, MSP430FE4272, MSP430FE427A, MSP430FG4250, MSP430FG4260, MSP430FG4270, MSP430FG437, MSP430FG438, MSP430FG439, MSP430FG4616, MSP430FG4617, MSP430FG4618, MSP430FG4619, MSP430FG477, MSP430FG478, MSP430FG479, MSP430FR5720, MSP430FR5721, MSP430FR5722, MSP430FR5723, MSP430FR5724, MSP430FR5725, MSP430FR5726, MSP430FR5727, MSP430FR5728, MSP430FR5729, MSP430FR5730, MSP430FR5731, MSP430FR5732, MSP430FR5733, MSP430FR5734, MSP430FR5735, MSP430FR5736, MSP430FR5737, MSP430FR5738, MSP430FR5739, MSP430FR5969, MSP430FW423, MSP430FW425, MSP430FW427, MSP430FW428, MSP430FW429, MSP430G2001, MSP430G2101, MSP430G2102, MSP430G2111, MSP430G2112, MSP430G2121, MSP430G2131, MSP430G2132, MSP430G2152, MSP430G2153, MSP430G2201, MSP430G2202, MSP430G2203, MSP430G2210, MSP430G2211, MSP430G2212, MSP430G2213, MSP430G2221, MSP430G2230, MSP430G2230-EP, MSP430G2231, MSP430G2231-EP, MSP430G2232, MSP430G2233, MSP430G2252, MSP430G2253, MSP430G2302, MSP430G2302-EP, MSP430G2303, MSP430G2312, MSP430G2313, MSP430G2332, MSP430G2332-EP, MSP430G2333, MSP430G2352, MSP430G2353, MSP430G2402, MSP430G2403, MSP430G2412, MSP430G2413, MSP430G2432, MSP430G2433, MSP430G2444, MSP430G2452, MSP430G2453, MSP430G2513, MSP430G2533, MSP430G2544, MSP430G2553, MSP430G2744, MSP430G2755, MSP430G2855, MSP430G2955, MSP430L092, R5F1006A, R5F1006C, R5F1006D, R5F1006E, R5F1007A, R5F1007C, R5F1007D, R5F1007E, R5F1008A, R5F1008C, R5F1008D, R5F1008E, R5F100AA, R5F100AC, R5F100AD, R5F100AE, R5F100AF, R5F100AG, R5F100BA, R5F100BC, R5F100BD, R5F100BE, R5F100BF, R5F100BG, R5F100CA, R5F100CC, R5F100CD, R5F100CE, R5F100CF, R5F100CG, R5F100EA, R5F100EC, R5F100ED, R5F100EE, R5F100EF, R5F100EG, R5F100EH, R5F100FA, R5F100FC, R5F100FD, R5F100FE, R5F100FF, R5F100FG, R5F100FH, R5F100FJ, R5F100FK, R5F100FL, R5F100GA, R5F100GC, R5F100GD, R5F100GE, R5F100GF, R5F100GG, R5F100GH, R5F100GJ, R5F100GK, R5F100GL, R5F100JC, R5F100JD, R5F100JE, R5F100JF, R5F100JG, R5F100JH, R5F100JJ, R5F100JK, R5F100JL, R5F100LC, R5F100LD, R5F100LE, R5F100LF, R5F100LG, R5F100LH, R5F100LJ, R5F100LK, R5F100LL, R5F100MF, R5F100MG, R5F100MH, R5F100MJ, R5F100MK, R5F100ML, R5F100PF, R5F100PG, R5F100PH, R5F100PJ, R5F100PL, R5F100SH, R5F100SJ, R5F100SK, R5F100SL, R5F1016A, R5F1016C, R5F1016D, R5F1016E, R5F1017A, R5F1017C, R5F1017D, R5F1017E, R5F1018A, R5F1018C, R5F1018D, R5F1018E, R5F101AA, R5F101AC, R5F101AD, R5F101AE, R5F101AF, R5F101AG, R5F101BA, R5F101BC, R5F101BD, R5F101BE, R5F101BF, R5F101BG, R5F101CA, R5F101CC, R5F101CD, R5F101CE, R5F101CF, R5F101CG, R5F101EA, R5F101EC, R5F101ED, R5F101EE, R5F101EF, R5F101EG, R5F101EH, R5F101FA, R5F101FC, R5F101FD, R5F101FE, R5F101FF, R5F101FG, R5F101FH, R5F101FJ, R5F101FK, R5F101FL, R5F101GA, R5F101GC, R5F101GD, R5F101GE, R5F101GF, R5F101GG, R5F101GH, R5F101GJ, R5F101GK, R5F101GL, R5F101JC, R5F101JD, R5F101JE, R5F101JF, R5F101JG, R5F101JH, R5F101JJ, R5F101JK, R5F101JL, R5F101LC, R5F101LD, R5F101LE, R5F101LF, R5F101LG, R5F101LH, R5F101LJ, R5F101LK, R5F101LL, R5F101MF, R5F101MG, R5F101MH, R5F101MJ, R5F101MK, R5F101ML, R5F101PF, R5F101PG, R5F101PH, R5F101PJ, R5F101PK, R5F101PL, R5F101SH, R5F101SJ, R5F101SK, R5F101SL, R5F10266, R5F10267, R5F10268, R5F10269, R5F1026A, R5F10277, R5F10278, R5F10279, R5F1027A, R5F102A7, R5F102A8, R5F102A9, R5F102AA, R5F10366, R5F10367, R5F10368, R5F10369, R5F1036A, R5F10377, R5F10378, R5F10379, R5F1037A, R5F103A7, R5F103A8, R5F103A9, R5F103AA, R5F104AA, R5F104AC, R5F104AD, R5F104AE, R5F104AF, R5F104AG, R5F104BA, R5F104BC, R5F104BD, R5F104BE, R5F104BF, R5F104BG, R5F104CA, R5F104CC, R5F104CD, R5F104CE, R5F104CF, R5F104CG, R5F104EA, R5F104EC, R5F104ED, R5F104EE, R5F104EF, R5F104EG, R5F104EH, R5F104FA, R5F104FC, R5F104FD, R5F104FE, R5F104FF, R5F104FG, R5F104FH, R5F104FJ, R5F104GA, R5F104GC, R5F104GD, R5F104GE, R5F104GF, R5F104GG, R5F104GH, R5F104GJ, R5F104JC, R5F104JD, R5F104JE, R5F104JF, R5F104JG, R5F104JH, R5F104JJ, R5F104LC, R5F104LD, R5F104LE, R5F104LF, R5F104LG, R5F104LH, R5F104LJ, R5F104MF, R5F104MG, R5F104MH, R5F104MJ, R5F104PF, R5F104PG, R5F104PH, R5F104PJ, R5F1076C, R5F107AC, R5F107AE, R5F107BC, R5F107DE, R5F10968, R5F1096A, R5F1096B, R5F1096C, R5F1096D, R5F1096E, R5F109AA, R5F109AB, R5F109AC, R5F109AD, R5F109AE, R5F109BA, R5F109BB, R5F109BC, R5F109BD, R5F109BE, R5F109GA, R5F109GB, R5F109GC, R5F109GD, R5F109GE, R5F109LA, R5F109LB, R5F109LC, R5F109LD, R5F109LE, R5F10A6A, R5F10A6C, R5F10A6D, R5F10A6E, R5F10AAA, R5F10AAC, R5F10AAD, R5F10AAE, R5F10ABA, R5F10ABC, R5F10ABD, R5F10ABE, R5F10AGA, R5F10AGC, R5F10AGD, R5F10AGE, R5F10AGF, R5F10AGG, R5F10ALC, R5F10ALD, R5F10ALE, R5F10ALF, R5F10ALG, R5F10AME, R5F10AMF, R5F10AMG, R5F10BAC, R5F10BAD, R5F10BAE, R5F10BAF, R5F10BAG, R5F10BBC, R5F10BBD, R5F10BBE, R5F10BBF, R5F10BBG, R5F10BGC, R5F10BGD, R5F10BGE, R5F10BGF, R5F10BGG, R5F10BLC, R5F10BLD, R5F10BLE, R5F10BLF, R5F10BLG, R5F10BME, R5F10BMF, R5F10BMG, R5F10CGB, R5F10CGC, R5F10CGD, R5F10CLD, R5F10CMD, R5F10CME, R5F10DGC, R5F10DGD, R5F10DGE, R5F10DLD, R5F10DLE, R5F10DMD, R5F10DME, R5F10DMF, R5F10DMG, R5F10DMJ, R5F10DPE, R5F10DPF, R5F10DPG, R5F10DPJ, R5F10E8A, R5F10E8C, R5F10E8D, R5F10E8E, R5F10EBA, R5F10EBC, R5F10EBD, R5F10EBE, R5F10EGA, R5F10EGC, R5F10EGD, R5F10EGE, R5F10ELC, R5F10ELD, R5F10ELE, R5F10FLC, R5F10FLD, R5F10FLE, R5F10FMC, R5F10FMD, R5F10FME, R5F10JBC, R5F10JGC, R5F10KBC, R5F10KGC, R5F10LGA, R5F10LGC, R5F10LGD, R5F10LGE, R5F10PAD, R5F10PAE, R5F10PBD, R5F10PBE, R5F10PGD, R5F10PGE, R5F10PGF, R5F10PGG, R5F10PGH, R5F10PGJ, R5F10PLE, R5F10PLF, R5F10PLG, R5F10PLH, R5F10PLJ, R5F10PME, R5F10PMF, R5F10PMG, R5F10PMH, R5F10PMJ, R5F10PPE, R5F10PPF, R5F10PPG, R5F10PPH, R5F10PPJ, R5F10RB8, R5F10RBA, R5F10RBC, R5F10RF8, R5F10RFA, R5F10RFC, R5F10RG8, R5F10RGA, R5F10RGC, R5F10RJ8, R5F10RJA, R5F10RJC, R5F10RLA, R5F10RLC, R5F10TPJ, R5F10TPK, R5F10TPL, R5F10TSK, R5F10TSL, R5F10UGA, R5F10UGC, R5F10UGD, R5F10UGE, R5F10WLA, R5F10WLC, R5F10WLD, R5F10WLE, R5F10WLF, R5F10WLG, R5F10WMA, R5F10WMC, R5F10WMD, R5F10WME, R5F10WMF, R5F10WMG, R5F10Y14, R5F10Y16, R5F10Y44, R5F10Y46, R5F10Y47, R5F110ME, R5F110MF, R5F110MG, R5F110MH, R5F110MJ, R5F110PE, R5F110PF, R5F110PG, R5F110PH, R5F110PJ, R5F111ME, R5F111MF, R5F111MG, R5F111MH, R5F111MJ, R5F111PE, R5F111PF, R5F111PG, R5F111PH, R5F111PJ, RX610, RX621, RX62N, RX630, RX631, RX63N, UPD78F1000, UPD78F1001, UPD78F1002, UPD78F1003, UPD78F1004, UPD78F1005, UPD78F1006, UPD78F1007, UPD78F1008, UPD78F1009, UPD78F1010, UPD78F1011, UPD78F1012, UPD78F1013, UPD78F1014, UPD78F1016, UPD78F1017, UPD78F1018, UPD78F1031, UPD78F1032, UPD78F1033, UPD78F1034, UPD78F1035, UPD78F1036, UPD78F1037, UPD78F1038, UPD78F1039, UPD78F1040, UPD78F1041, UPD78F1042, UPD78F1043, UPD78F1044, UPD78F1045, UPD78F1046, UPD78F1047, UPD78F1048, UPD78F1049, UPD78F1050, UPD78F1142, UPD78F1143, UPD78F1144, UPD78F1145, UPD78F1146, UPD78F1152, UPD78F1153, UPD78F1154, UPD78F1155, UPD78F1156, UPD78F1162, UPD78F1163, UPD78F1164, UPD78F1165, UPD78F1166, UPD78F1167, UPD78F1168, UPD78F1174, UPD78F1175, UPD78F1176, UPD78F1177, UPD78F1178, UPD78F1184, UPD78F1185, UPD78F1186, UPD78F1187, UPD78F1188, UPD78F1201, UPD78F1203, UPD78F1211, UPD78F1213, UPD78F1214, UPD78F1215, UPD78F1223, UPD78F1224, UPD78F1225, UPD78F1233, UPD78F1234, UPD78F1235, UPD78F1500, UPD78F1501, UPD78F1502, UPD78F1503, UPD78F1504, UPD78F1505, UPD78F1506, UPD78F1507, UPD78F1508, UPD78F1804, UPD78F1805, UPD78F1806, UPD78F1807, UPD78F1808, UPD78F1809, UPD78F1810, UPD78F1811, UPD78F1812, UPD78F1813, UPD78F1814, UPD78F1815, UPD78F1816, UPD78F1817, UPD78F1818, UPD78F1819, UPD78F1820, UPD78F1821, UPD78F1822, UPD78F1823, UPD78F1824, UPD78F1825, UPD78F1826, UPD78F1827, UPD78F1828, UPD78F1829, UPD78F1830, UPD78F1831, UPD78F1832, UPD78F1833, UPD78F1834, UPD78F1835, UPD78F1836, UPD78F1837, UPD78F1838, UPD78F1839, UPD78F1840, UPD78F1841, UPD78F1842, UPD78F1843, UPD78F1844, UPD78F1845, UPD78F1846, UPD78F1847, UPD78F1848, UPD78F1849, UPD78F8040, UPD78F8041, UPD78F8042, UPD78F8043, UPD78F8056, UPD78F8057, UPD78F8058, UPD78F8070


Compatible Simulator Software

Many Software Simulators available

Supported CPUs

Very Fast 10 Mio Instructions on a PC

Fully functional demo versions can be downloaded

Software Compatible to In-Circuit Emulators and ICD Debuggers

  • Operation System
  • ASM Debugger
  • HLL Debugger for C,C++, ADA, PASCAL
  • Peripheral Windows
  • Port Analyzer

Support of all Download Formats

  • IEEE
  • ROF
  • WS
  • HP
  • COFF
  • DBX
  • AIF



ASM Debugger
  • Supports almost all file formats
  • Assembler source-level debugging
  • Advanced memory display
  • Inline assembler
  • Memory tests
  • Customizable windows
  • Peripheral windows
  • Terminal window
  • Semi-hosting
  • Flash programming
  • Full support for peripherals

HLL Debugger
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Full support for C++
  • Integrated into TRACE32 environment
  • Supports most compilers and hosts
  • Same user interface on different hosts
  • High speed download
  • Debugs optimized code
  • Display of function nesting
  • Display of linked lists
  • Powerful expression evaluation

CTS Context Tracking System
  • Allows re-debuggging of a traced program section
  • Provides forward and backward debugging capabilities
  • High-level language trace display including all local variables
  • Timing and function nesting display
  • Has the ability to fill most trace gaps caused by the limited bandwidth of trace port

Trace Buffer

  • Address, Data and Time Stamp

Hardware Simulation

  • Port Simulation
  • Port Analyzer Trace

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