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  • Digital-Logic - MPC20/L

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The smallest, fanless industrial computer

The MPC20 has all the standard interfaces (USB, LAN, VGA, audio). With the LX processor, the system typically only needs 10 Watts. For mass storage, besides the CompactFlash on the front, an optional hard drive is available. The housing is of rugged sheet steel with various mounting options (see Accessories).

Type MPC20 MPC20L
CPU LX800 LX800
PCI-BUS MiniPCI-socket MiniPCI-socket
PCI Express-BUS - -
Performance (MHz) 500 500
DRAM Min-Max (MB) 256 (max. 1GB) 256 (max. 1GB)
CompactFlash socket (type I/II) yes, CF 256MB installed yes
Keyboard, mouse (PS/2) yes -
Boot drive CF, USB, LAN, opt. HD CF, USB, LAN, opt. HD
IDE interface P-ATA (1x option) (1x option)
Digital In - -
Digital Out - -
COM1 - -
COM2 - -
COM3 - ?
COM4 - -
LPT1 - -
USB (2.0) 4x (of which 1x internal) 4x (of which 1x internal)
CAN1-V2.0 - -
CAN2-V2.0 - -
LAN Port A 10/100BASE-T 10/100BASE-T
LAN Port B 10/100BASE-T -
Audio Stereo In/Out Stereo In/Out
Video controller LX800 LX800
Video memory (MB) 16 (UMA) 16 (UMA)
LCD interface - -
DVI interface - -
CRT interface yes yes
Video input - -
Watchdog yes yes
Power normal, N1224 10V-28V/typ.10W 10V-28V/typ.10W
Power suspend 0.1W 0.1W
Power management yes yes
RTC battery onboard 900mAh (>10 years) 900mAh (>10 years)
Cooling type passive passive
Operating temperature (without hard disk) -25°C to +70°C -25°C to +70°C
Operating temperature (with hard disk) 0°C to +50°C 0°C to +50°C
Protection class ? ?
Size (W x L x H in mm) 165 x 110 x 27 165 x 110 x 27
Weight 500 g 500 g
MTBF (25°C) 100'000h (without HD) 100'000h (without HD)
Special features 1 fan-less fan-less
Special features 2 - -
Special features 3 FreeDOS + Linux installed on CF -

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