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The compact vehicle computer

The MPCX28 is based on the Intel Pentium ZC with 2 independent video displays (DVI, VGA, LVDS). For mass storage, a robust hard drive (a flash disk is optional), a CompactFlash card and two USB memory stick brackets are built-in. Expansion options include GPS, GSM and WLAN. Absolutely noiseless operation is achieved through a robust aluminum profile which integrates passive and fanfree cooling.

Type MPCX48
CPU Intel® Processor® C140, 1GHz
Chipset Intel® 855GME
Memory 512MB (max. 1GB)
Ext. temp. hard drive1) 0GB, 2.5" (max. 40GB)
Optical drive1) Optional (814315)
Video controller Intel® 855GME
Video memory 64MB
3D-Support DirectX 9
Video interface 1 QXGA
Video interface 2 DVI
Video interface 3 -
Resolution 2048 x 1536 (@ 75Hz)
Keyboard, mouse USB
Serial interface COM1/CAN RS232C
Serial interface COM2/CAN RS232C
Serial interface COM3 -
Serial interface COM4 -
Parallel interface LPT (opt. CAN)
USB V2.0 4x back, 2x front
TV input/Frame grabber BT878A, SVideo, 3 channels
LAN Port A (with LAN boot) 10/100BASE-T (RJ45)
LAN Port B -
LAN Port C -
Audio controller AC97-2.3
Line output Stereo
Line input/mic. input Stereo + headset
SPDif output yes
Option 1 WLAN MiniPCI
Option 2 Dual-CAN
Option 3 GSM
Option 4 GPS
Digital input/output Option: 3x isol. in/ 3x relay out
Remote power on/off yes
Voltage input/power V1224 8V-30V DC / typ. 15W
Plug-in power supply 110/220V AC Option
Expansion MiniPCI, PC/104-Plus
Power save function Suspend/Resume, SoftOff, Instant On
Conformity CE, FCC, e1
Protection class IP52
Size (W x L x H in mm) 159 x 190 x 66
Weight 3 kg
Housing Aluminium
Colour anthracite/black anodized
Noise level <20dB(A)
Operating temperature (with HD/CD) -20°C to +50°C
Extended operating temperature (with CF) -40°C to +70°C (CF, no CD/HD)
Vibration/shock incl. HD/CD/DVD 1/10G
Vibration/shock (only CF) 16/150G
MTBF (25°C) 60'000h
For operating systems WIN2000, WIN XP, LINUX

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