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  • Digital-Logic - MPCX50

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The fan-free, expandable Core2Duo vehicle computer

The MPCX50 has many interfaces (COMs, USB, LAN, digital I/O, video input) and is expandable with PCI slots and PC/104express cards (e.g., CAN, measurement cards). For mass storage, a rugged hard disk or SSD drive is built-in. The RTC battery is monitored and service-friendly, being accessible from the front. as slots for CompactFlash and Express cards. The housing is made of rugged chromium steel with integrated passive and fanless cooling. Customer specific functions such as Ring On Wake, GSM Wake, Event Wake Up or Wake On LAN can be realized using FPGA and a microcontroller. By means of a color LCD display and 6 function buttons, various security functions and system information (voltages, temperatures, error reports, POD diagnostics, operating log, RTC battery voltage) can be queried. An external 12V secondary battery can be connected to bridge power failures of the primary feed.

Type MPCX50
CPU Intel® Pentium® CoreTM 2 Duo
Chipset Intel® 945GM
Memory 2GB (max. 3GB)
Ext. Temp. Hard drive (SATA) - E38 80GB (opt. 32GB SSD)
CF yes
Video controller Intel® 945GM
1st video interface QXGA
2nd video interface DVI
Resolution 2048 x 1536 (@ 75Hz)
TV input BT878, 2 channel
Serial interface COM1 DSub 9pol, RS232
Serial interface COM2 DSub 9pol, RS232
Serial interface COM3 DSub 9pol, RS232 (opt. CAN)
Serial interface COM4 DSub 9pol, RS232 (opt. CAN)
Parallel interface optional
USB V2.0 Standard 2x front
USB V2.0 M12 1x front
LAN Port A (with LAN boot) 10/100BASE-T (RJ45)
Audio controller AC97-2.3
Audio output Stereo 2x 20W amplifier
Audio Input -
Digital input/output 4x output, 4x opto input
Remote power on/off yes (ignition)
DC voltage input (not isolated), V1248 8-58VDC, 35W
DC voltage input (1.5kV isolated), Ixx 24/36/48/72/110VDC/typ.35W
AC power supply -
Expansion 2x PCIexpress MiniCard,
2x PCI/104express slot
1x ExpressCard
Power save function Suspend/Resume, SoftOff, Instant On
Conformity CE, FCC, e1
Protection class IP40
Size (W x L x H in mm) 320 x 132 x 250
Weight 5 kg
Housing Chromium steel
Colour chrome
Noise level <20dB(A)
Operating temperature (with HD) -20°C bis +50°C
Extended operating temperature (with SSD) -40°C bis +70°C (SSD, no HD)
Vibration/shock incl. HD/CD/DVD 1/10G
Vibration/shock incl. SSD 10G/150G
MTBF 60'000h
For operating systems Vista, WIN XP, LINUX

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