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DuraCOR DC Family




  • Eurotech - DuraCOR DC Family


Rugged mobile computers

The DuraCOR 1xxx-xx range is a rugged, modular system based around a variable height extruded enclosure and a subset of our range of PC/104 processor, communication and I/O cards.

Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, it is EN50155 compliant and is sealed to IP65. It can achieve extended temperature ranges (-25°C/+55°C) without any active cooling via fans etc., and can resist high levels of shock, vibration and humidity. The system accommodates processor cards ranging from 133MHz 5x86 devices right up to advanced 1.1GHz Celeron M based boards. Coupled to a range of network, communications, video capture and I/O cards, together with storage options encompassing solid state memory and automotive grade hard drives, the DuraCOR system provides the perfect platform upon which to build rugged digital video recorder, vehicle location and vehicle data server applications.

Standard Configurations

Whilst the modular design of the DuraCOR 1xxx-xx provides extreme levels of configurability to meet the requirements of any particular application, a number of standard configurations have been developed, each aimed at one of the more common applications to which the system is applied.

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