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  • Eurotech - PCN-1001

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Passenger Counter

The PCN-1001 Passenger Counter is a compact and autonomous device based on non-contact stereoscopic vision technology. It has been specifically designed for passenger counting above the doorways of buses and trains; it can also be used to count people as they enter or leave buildings or any area with restricted access.

The Passenger Counter can be easily mounted in the ceiling space above a doorway. The angle of the optical panel can be adjusted; therefore, it can be placed in different positions and on non-horizontal surfaces.

Stereoscopic cameras capture images of the area below the device. Thanks to the integrated high luminosity infrared LED indicators it can operate in any type of lighting condition. The extended temperature range capability allows integrators to use the PCN-1001 in a wide range of climatic conditions. The Passenger Counter analyses the height, shape and direction of any objects that are passing the field of view; if it is determined that the object is a person entering or leaving, the incoming and outgoing counters are incremented accordingly, along with time and date information.

Data transfer is possible via an RS-485 serial bus, while the onboard isolated digital I/O interfaces can be used to directly communicate with intelligent doors or flow control systems, guaranteeing correct functionality at all times: for example, stop counting when the doors are closed.

Installation, maintenance and debugging are easily achieved thanks to the readily accessible features under a protection cover on the optical panel.

The PCN-1001 Passenger Counter can be interfaced with other Eurotech systems in order to create complete intelligent and fully customisable networks with advanced surveillance, communication and infotainment capabilities.

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