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  • Eurotech - APOLLO ICE-200


PC/104+ Intel Atom single board computer

The APOLLO ICE-200 system serves as a high performance, ruggedised compact enclosure for applications in IT systems, machine control, and kiosk solutions. The APOLLO ICE-200 is powered by a Celeron M/Pentium M based single board computer designed and manufactured by Eurotech Ltd. The motherboard and system components are designed for long life support with scalable CPU options from the 600MHz Celeron M for quiet PCs with a wide operating temperature, up to powerful systems fitted with the 1.8GHz Pentium M CPU.

This ruggedised system has a full compliment of PC features including dual Ethernet (including a Gigabit channel), USB ports, dual Firewire, CompactFlash port, serial ports and a number of additional features for creating secure systems. The system can also be fitted with two PCI add-on cards.

The system is available with options for integrated wireless modules and complete operation from internal solid-state Flash memory. The front panel LCD display and navigation buttons can be used for user-defined configuration and control for deeply embedded systems which do not have access to a display.

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