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  • MPL - PANEL15

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15” fully IP65 protected Panel-PC

The silent, space-saving PANEL15 is specifically designed as front end interface for rugged, secure sensitive environments where reliability and quality are major issues. The PANEL15 expands MPLs Panel-PC family of compact, easyto-integrate and multifunctional All-in-One solutions. The product is specifically designed and built for none standard environments. It combines a 15” display with excellent optical specifications, an optional touch screen and a complete low power CPU based Single Board Computer (PIP). All this comes within the footprint of a 15" LCD monitor and saves space on your working place.

The PANEL15 can be mounted over a standard VESA 100 on a swivel arm, an adjustable desktop stand or on the wall. The user has the choice between a chromated and externally powder coated aluminum or a full stainless steel housing. The product offers a full (all around) protection of up to IP65 / NEMA4. On the back either through IP65 protected cable openings or behind a cover plate (IP54) various PC interfaces are available for the user. Like all other MPL products the PANEL15 comes without a fan or air vents, is very flexible and expandable for basically all customer needs and requirements.

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