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  • MPL - PANEL6

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TFT Display and Touch

The PIP with the Panel6 option is a highly integrated robust packaged industrial PC with a special designed aluminum housing and an integrated TFT display. The PIP housing offers enough space to integrate hard disk and/or Flash disk and any PC/104 extensions. The PIP product range offers next to the standard PC functionality on-board special industrial features like 4x RS232 (RS485), USB, Ethernet, Firewire and optionally CAN.

The PIP product range is available with various processors from a 5x86 with 133MHz up to Pentium M with 1.8GHz. The special low power consumption design from MPL allows to operate the PIP family without fan or ventilation holes. Unique is also that the PIP products can be operated with 8 – 28VDC/48VDC. With the PIP product range there is no need for internal cabling as all is connected and ready for the customer. Snap-on &Work.

The PIP product is a unique industrial solution with a great flexibility to help to reduce the overall cost in your projects.

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