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PC/104-Plus to Mini PCI Adapter


Connect Tech Inc.


  • Connect Tech Inc. - PC/104-Plus to Mini PCI Adapter

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This adapter allows users to install a Mini PCI card, such as an IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN card, into a standard 3.3 or 5V PC/104-Plus stack.

Equipped with a passive PC/104 stack-through connector, the card can be installed in a PC/104-Plus stack without interfering with the signals of PC/104 cards located above or below.

The adapter includes a 3.3V regulator for use in 5V-only systems.


  • Compatible with standard Universal, 3.3V or 5V PC/104-Plus stack
  • Industrial temperature operating range (-40°C to 85°C)
  • Mini PCI Type III 124 pin female socket
  • PC/104-Plus 120 pin stack-through connector
  • PC/104 64 and 40 pin passive stack-through connectors
  • 3.3V regulator capable of delivering 2 Watts of power to the Mini PCI card
  • Measures 3.55" by 3.775"

Standard Usage and ID Selection

Simply insert the Mini PCI card into socket on the card and insert into the host system's PC/104-Plus stack. Each card within the stack must have a unique ID ranging from zero to three. You will be required to set a pair of jumpers to specify where your card is located within the stack. (Ensure that no two boards share an ID number.)

The jumpers remain unpopulated for an ID of zero. Populate the left jumper for an ID of one, right jumper for an ID of two, and populate both for an ID of three.

No additional configuration is required.

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