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PCI Express to FeaturePak Adapter


Connect Tech Inc.


  • Connect Tech Inc. - PCI Express to FeaturePak Adapter

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Connect Tech’s PCI Express to FeaturePak Adapter board allows users to install a FeaturePak module into any PCI Express system slot.

This adapter allows for easy development, debugging, and prototyping directly on the adapter and it brings out all of the FeaturePak IO signals to separate headers and connectors, as well as giving the user access to all of the critical additional FeaturePak signals.


  • Converts FeaturePak modules to PCI Express
  • x1 lane PCI Express card edge allows installation in any slot width (x1, x4, x8, x16)
  • All 100 FeaturePak IO signals are brought out to .1” and 2mm vertical headers
  • All other FeaturePak system interface signals are terminated and accessible on adapter
  • Custom prototyping area
  • Measures 6” wide by 4.350” tall
  • Complies with PCI Express 1.1 electromechanical requirements

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