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PCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board


Connect Tech Inc.


  • Connect Tech Inc. - PCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board
  • Connect Tech Inc. - PCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board

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Connect Tech’s PCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board is a small embedded carrier board that allows complete integration with any industry standard Qseven module. This carrier board utilizes the PC/104 form factor with 4 x1 PCIe lanes, and the PCIe/104 bus. The on-board connectors enable connection to SATA, USB, Ethernet, LVDS Video, VGA Video, and RS-232 & RS-422/485. Easily upgrade to the latest processor and memory technology while maintaining the I/O interfaces.

The PCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board is ideal for a broad range of embedded applications.


  • PCIe/104 form factor
  • Uses any off-the-shelf Qseven module
  • Ideal for applications with low power requirements
  • High performance interfaces
  • Compact size for easy integration
  • Connectors and cables included for easy connection to Qseven features
  • Optional Cable Kit for Qseven

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