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Our expansive offering in Industrial and Commercial markets (Compact and Industrial Computers, Panel Computers and Monitors, Networking, Wearable PCs) is bolstered by the design and manufacturing of the entire solution, from boards to systems, typically characterised by long-term availability and reliability.

Eurotech has a long history in Transportation and Surveillance Applications too. We develop a wide range of rugged systems, designed to be the ideal solutions for accurate location tracking application (AVL), enhanced communications, passenger counting, real time vehicle tracking (fleet management) or specialised surveillance systems (camera systems with DVR). These can be employed in harsh environmental conditions where using rugged and compact devices is a must.

Instead, our Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products for Security, Defence and Aerospace markets include rugged board-level products and tactical sub-system designed for airborne, shipboard, vehicle mounted and handheld applications. Products range from highly reliable single board computers (SBC), data communications, and I/O cards to complete rugged mobile computer systems, IP networking equipment (switches, routers) and rugged flat panel displays.

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