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Embedded Boards

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Our Embedded Boards are designed to the needs of extremely demanding customers. Our expertise in this area extends over 15 years, enabling us to offer:
Processor boards in industry standard and customer-specific form-factors
Processor boards pre-installed with industry leading operating systems
Guaranteed longevity of supply
Technical expertise and product guidance in multiple languages
Easy-to-use hardware and operating system Development Kits

You will discover our complete portfolio of embedded processor, communication and I/O modules, suitable for the Industrial sector. Since time-to-market is often critical, customers need to leverage as complete of solutions as possible. For these customers, we offer a wide range of ready-to-run low-power Development Kits which pair your chosen embedded processor board platforms (Intel Atom, x86, PXA etc.) with the most popular embedded operating systems (Windows CE, XPe, Linux, QNX, VxWorks).

Should you not find a product which perfectly matches your requirement though, please just get in touch with us; our engineering teams can develop tailor-made boards using the same professional design approach that is used to create our standard portfolio.

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