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Designer & manufacturer of embedded PC and microcontroller hardware for rugged environment, extended temperature range and with long term availability.

Compact Embedded Computers (CEC) The name CEC stands for the ultra compact, robust, fanless, and low power Embedded Computer Family with Intel processors. The systems are offered with long term availability guarantee and in a rugged housing with different mounting options. CEC units are available according your requirements, even with your logo.
Embedded CPU Boards (MIP) The name MIP (MPL Industrial PC) stands for a compact, robust, low power, fanless universal Industrial PCs in various form factor with a long term availability guarantee.
Fanless Panel PC Solutions (Panel-PIP) The Panel-PIPs (Panel PC) are specifically designed and produced for rugged and sensitive environments like medicine, maritime, food industry, as well as for industrial application where quality is a major issue. As all other MPL products, the Panel-PIPs come without a fan or air vents, are very flexible, ...
PC-Card Readers/Writers (MCDISK) The MCDISK (Memory Card DISK) is a card reader/writer device for PCMCIA/JEIDA compatible memory cards. These cards are widely used in mobile computers and are available from many manufacturers in various types and sizes. The MCDISK can handle a wide variety of cards of any size: SRAM, ROM, OTP, FLASH, ...
Packaged Industrial PCs (PIP) The name PIP stands for a compact, robust, low power, fanless, and ready to use Industrial PC. It comes with a long term availability guarantee and fits on a DIN rail.
Peripherals Although the MPL Processor boards are traditionally equipped quite well, special interfaces like A/D converters are almost always required in industrial applications. Therefore, we provide you with a selection of peripheral cards to extend the capabilities of the MPL processor boards.
Single Euro Cards (IPM)

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