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PC-Card Readers/Writers (MCDISK)


The MCDISK (Memory Card DISK) is a card reader/writer device for PCMCIA/JEIDA compatible memory cards. These cards are widely used in mobile computers and are available from many manufacturers in various types and sizes. The MCDISK can handle a wide variety of cards of any size: SRAM, ROM, OTP, FLASH, EEPROM, PC-ATA disks (mechanical/silicon miniature disk drives) as well as I/O cards for special applications. All mechanical card types (I, II, III and IV/oversized) are supported.

The MCDISK has a standard SCSI interface and can be used like any removable hard disk device. Direct memory access (DMA) between the memory card and the SCSI port makes the data transfer very fast in comparison with other solutions.

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