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I-sft / Display Net


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i-sft focuses on custom-specific developments. Products are customized for your particular application. i-sft covers everything from the generation of ideas to development, from product realization to serial production and after-sales service. However, customers may also simply benefit from i-sft‘s highly competent consulting services.

The main characteristics of i-sft products are as follows:
High Brightness at a Wide Dimming Range
Wide Temperature Range
High Shock and Vibration Resistance
Long Durability and High Reliability
High Efficiency - low power consumption and minimum heat expansion
Long Term Availability

Application Areas

i-sft products are developed for environments in which ordinary displays cannot be used. Subsequent modifications, such as heaters, are often expensive and pose a serious quality risk.

Such requirements are already being considered at the design stage of i-sft displays. The result is an efficient and solid system, which you can depend on for years.

Does your application require special performance? We have the solution!


Projects are i-sft‘s main business. The move of computer aided systems into ever more extreme areas puts highest demands on the system displays.

Industrial suitability does not mean something is feasible at a low cost, but rather more a technologically necessity. This has been i-sft‘s approach to developing industrial products – for years.

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