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Accusys is a worldwide leader in design, manufacturing, and marketing of RAID products. Over one decade since the establishment in 1995, Accusys has delivered many generations of cutting-edge and innovative RAID products. With years of experience in storage market, our product lines fulfill versatile applications, ranging from small offices to mission-critical data centers, and covering all major storage interfaces. Dedicated to research and development of RAID technology for years, Accusys' excellence has been recognized by many partners and evidenced by its winning of many product awards. As the value of on-line accessible data is increasing rapidly along with the explosive growth of data size, Accusys continuously improves the data protection capabilities of its RAID products by best-of-breed solutions, such as RAID 6, and smart disk cloning. A variety of remote management and monitoring tools are also provided to ease the administration tasks. What's more important is that Accusys contributes to the storage industry by its innovative solutions, such as RAID TP (Triple Parity) and 1+backup. Finally, Accusys is the worldwide leader in the PATA/SATA RAID markets for years, shipping the largest amount of products and being always the first one to live demo the latest PATA/SATA RAID technology. Appreciating the power of ecosystem networking and win-win benefits, Accusys maintains long-term relationships with world-class system integrators, solution providers, and value-added resellers. Accusys provides hardware and software customization services with timely technical support and long-term product maintenance. We reduce customers' engineering efforts and speed up product development by offering dedicated engineering task forces for intensive communication and comprehensive consultation. Partnering with domain experts, Accusys RAID products have been adopted in many different environments or have been integrated in many different products. Examples of product application include multimedia processing systems, DVR (digital video recorder), NAS (network attached storage), business operation systems like POS and ATM, industrial computing and automation equipments, and general-purpose IT storage.

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