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In today’s highly mobile information environment, “convenient portability” and “upgraded performance” have become the primary considerations when purchasing a computer. Traditional hard drives are vulnerable to bumps and drops, and they use up a large amount of power. These flaws bring annoyances such as data loss caused just by bumping the computer a little bit, starting up the computer taking too long, applications running too slowly, and operational noises being too loud. These are the problems that consumers who use traditional hard drives often complain about.

The SSD uses a solid state semiconductor to store data, and does not use the mechanical operation of a moving arm, which allows the computer to exceed the limitations imposed by the traditional hard drive. It greatly shortens access/ seek-times, with high stability, low power consumption, low breakdown rate, and light weight. You can say farewell to carefully carrying around those fragile round disk drives and start enjoying high performance!

Advantages of SSD:

  • High-Speed Performance
  • High Reliability
  • Ruggedness and High endurance
  • Noiseless
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Light weight

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