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FlexTainer EPIC, Mini-ITX and EBX flexible enclosure solution The FlexTainer is a rugged enclosure system for packaging EPIC, EBX, or Mini-ITX CPU payloads. It is constructed of .125" aluminum and designed for hostile and mobile environments. The FlexTainer features a dual system of shock and vibration iso ...
MCDISK-E-1 Open Frame dual slot PCMCIA Card Reader/Writer With SCSI Interface The MCDISK SCSI PC card drive extends a system's capability by adding a PC card interface to a variety of platforms not currently configured with such an interface. The MCDISK reader/writer provides universal access to all maj ...
MIL-6600 10.4" Intel® Pentium® M Rugged Portable Workstation
MIL-6800 10.4" Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Rugged Portable Workstation
MIP405 PC/104-Plus SBC with up to 400 MHz PowerPC The MIP405 is a highly integrated and robust PC/104-Plus Single Board Computer. The board is based around the sophisticated embedded PowerPC 405GPr from IBM. It expands the existing x86 MIP product family. They are available in various options and features. The ...
MPCX27MIL The IP67 protected computer with MIL connectors The MPCX27MIL is well sealed against water and has waterproof MIL cable connections. A flash disk is built-in (SATA 40GB SSD or optional CompactFlash) for mass storage. The Atom processor offers high computer performance with only 12 Watt power consumption. For ...
MPCX47MIL The IP65 protected, water-proof computer with MIL connectors The MPCX47MIL is well sealed against water and has waterproof MIL cable connections. For mass storage, a flash disk is built-in (PATA SSD or Compact-Flash and 2x USB sticks). The mass memory can be swapped out from the front. For expansion, opt ...
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PIP8 Ruggedized 1.0 GHz Celeron-M® PC - with lowest power consumption The PIP8 is a highly integrated and robust Packaged Industrial PC with the low power Celeron-M® 1.0 GHz processor out of Intel’s long term availability Embedded Program. PIP8 complements the existing PIP Product family that represents a u ...
REDFOX DEFENCE Computer Docking IPX4 REDFOX DEFENCE Computer Docking IPX4: All-In-One Computer 15" - All-In-One Computer 10.4" Black Box Computer
REDFOX DEFENCE Computer MIL-Connectors IP65 REDFOX DEFENCE Computer MIL-Connectors IP65: All-In-One Computer 15" All-In-One Computer 10.4" Black Box Computer
REDFOX DEFENCE Displays IP65 REDFOX DEFENCE Displays IP65: Touch Screen 15" - Touch Screen 10.4" - Touch Screen 8.4"
REDFOX DEFENCE Dockingstations REDFOX DEFENCE Dockingstations: Wall Mount Tabletop Mount Command Post
REDFOX DEFENCE Ethernet Switch IP65 9 + 1 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
The X-EMA family Whenever the environment of your application is beyond the normal (shocks, vibration, dust etc.), X-EMA is your camera. Especially made for MIL testing and flight tests, the ultra-robust design as well as the solid all-aluminium housing make the use of this airborne high speed camera possible where others fail.
capUPS supercapacitor backup power source for embedded systems The capUPS are a series of no-battery UPS systems that use super capacitors rather than conventional batteries. The advantage is that they charge very quickly and that they are able to be recharged 500,000 times. This is beneficial for applications tha ...
i-sft 10,4" Display i-sft Rugged Line 10,4" Displays
i-sft 10,5" Display i-sft Rugged Line 10,5" Displays
i-sft 12,1" Display i-sft Rugged Line 12,1" Displays
i-sft 15,0" Display i-sft Rugged Line 15,0" Displays

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