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Faceplate Dimensions (W X H):

  • 392×110 mm

Basic Instructions

  • Support WIN98, WIN2000, WIN XP System
  • Comply with ISO/IEC 9995, GB/T14081 standard
  • Keyboard made of high quality stainless steel
  • With 65 customized keys and trackball
  • Dustproof, waterproof, shake-proof and vandal proof


  • Check-in Kiosk, Info-Kiosk, Internet Kiosk, Medical Kiosk, Industrial Control Platform.


  • PS/2 or USB

Mechanism Performance:

  • Keyboard lifespan: more than 2 million
  • Force on keys: 3-5N
  • Key travel: >2.5mm
  • Diameter of trackball: 38mm

Environment adaptation:

Protection Level: IP65 static /IP54 dynamic

Operating Temperature:

Economical Grage: 0°C ~ +45°C RH:30~90%,

Industrial Grade: -40°C ~ +60°C RH: 30~90%

Storage temperature(Recommended): -25°C ~ +55°C RH:20~95%(No condensate)

Maximum humidigy in operating environment:90%

Air Pressure: 60-106 Kpa


  • IP65,IK07

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