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The BAT104-NiMh creates a complete UPS system by plugging directly into the bottom of the HESC (including the V5SC-SER) Vehicle Power Supplies. The BAT104-NiMh includes seven 2300ma-hr NiMh batteries for a total of 19.3 watt-hours of power. Therefore a BAT104-NiMh can supply backup power for up to sixty minutes to a 19.3 watt load.

The BAT104-NiMh includes Mosfet transistors for preventing deep discharge occurrences during extended power outages. The Mosfet transistors electrically isolate the BAT104-NiMh from the HESC whenever the BE output of the HESC is de-asserted (pulled to 5V).

The BAT104-NiMh has both a thermal fuse and a current fuse for protection against overcharging, and shorts on the battery output.

A digital I2C temperature sensor provides temperature feedback for charge termination, which can be read by the HESC.

Nickel Metal Hydride batteries
7AA x 2.7A Hr. with digital temp. sensor
Size: 3.78" x 3.50" x 0.592"
Weight: 7.78oz / 220.45g
Temperature range:

  • Standard charge 0 to 40C.
  • Discharge 0 to 50C.
  • Storage < 1month -20 to 50C




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