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For applications requiring a DC power converter that supplies up to 75W of power, Tri-M offers the HE104-75W. It is ideal for use on 12VDC and 24VDC mobile applications where power from a DC source (input) needs to be converted (output) to match the applications power requirements - generally an embedded computer.

Efficiency of the HE is over 90% - the higher efficiency means less heat is generated - and it is designed to operate in extended temperature applications where temperatures can be between -40°C and +85°C.

Input voltage spikes that go beyond the input voltage window (9VDC to 40VDC) are managed through transient suppressors that restrict the input voltage, while maintaining normal output power operation.

The HE104-75W is designed to minimize any generated noise or interference, allowing it to be used for airborne or ground vehicles that encounter EMI or RFI.

Electrical Specifications
  • 5V output 15A
  • 12V output 3A
  • -12V output 0.5A
Input voltage range 6V to 40V DC

Performance Characteristics
  • Load Regulation (5V output) < 60mV
  • Line Regulation (5V output) 40mV
  • Output temp. drift (5V output) < 40mV
  • Switching Frequency 312kHz
  • Output Ripple (5V output) < 20mV
  • Conducted Susceptibility (5V output) > 57db
  • Efficiency Up to 90%
  • Temperature range -40° to 85°C
Environmental & Mechanical
  • Temperature Range* -40° to 85°C
  • Form Factor PC/104
  • Dimensions (excluding PC/104 pins) 3.55”W x 3.75”L x 0.6”H
  • Weight 6.08oz / 172.37g



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