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The EPROM simulator replaces up to 2 EPROMs on the target system. They can work in 8 or 16 bit mode. A 40 pin target adapter replaces 16 bit EPROMs. Banked EPROMs may be simulated too. Two EPROM simulators are used to build a 32-bit emulation system.

ROM monitors usually run with the EPROM simulator. Some versions are available for RS232 operation or together with evaluation boards from other 3rd party manufacturers. The communication can also be done by a customer supplied .DLL file.


SIM Instruction Set Simulators


The STIMULI generator is made for automated testing of embedded systems in the development and production phase. It support digital and analogous signals.


The trigger probe is a small box connected to the PODBUS, which brings the trigger capability of high-end DSOs to the emulator or in-circuit debugger. Trigger signals can be combined, sampled synchronously by complex clock signals or checked for glitches.

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