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XJTAG Referencje i zastosowania

The BSDL Editor allows you to view and edit BSDL and custom cell type package files within XJDeveloper.

The editor shows you a summary of information contained in the BSDL file, including the IDCODE, TCK frequency, boundary scan register length and device manufacturer.

The Schematic Viewer allows you to quickly see the logical arrangement of circuit elements from within XJTAG. It is integrated into XJDeveloper and XJRunner and can be launched from any device, net or pin in XJDeveloper or from links embedded in the XJRunner test output.

The XJTAG Chain Debugger, installed with all XJTAG products, is a powerful tool designed to help you troubleshoot problems with your JTAG chain. You can tell the Chain Debugger to automatically try and identify the location of faults by exercising the devices in a JTAG chain.

The XJTAG Development System is an established test suite with a range of software and hardware products that enable you to debug, test and program electronic circuits quickly and easily. The system works with devices that conform to the IEEE 1149.1 and 1149.6 boundary scan standards.

XJTAG Expert is the world's first portable Boundary Scan test solution that comes with digital oscilloscope, waveform and function generator, spectrum analyser and serial protocols analyser.

The Layout Viewer allows you to quickly find the physical location of components, nets and pins on a board. It provides the capability to view layout design data extracted from ODB++ jobs in both.

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