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Fanless Mobile PC with Dual Core Intel Atom D510 and Video Capture

  •     Video Capture Card
  •     Power Ignition Control
  •     Extreme Operating Temperature
  •     Integrated SIM Card Reader
  •     Extreme Vibration Resistance
  •     Fanless
  •     Extreme Voltage Input Range
  •     1.66GHz Intel Dual Core Atom D510

Built for vehicular settings the LEC-5510 has gone through extensive vibration and shock testing, it has been approved under the e13 system as an in-vehicle computer. 

The LEC-5510 has 2 expansion slots for both WiFi and 3G add-on modules plus a GPS receiver. It allows the LEC-5510 to update content as well as offload tracking information along with the captured images to a remote monitoring system in real-time and wirelessly. 

The system also boasts an abundance of I/O and internal expansion capabilities including 4 USB, 2 COM ports, DIDO port and PCI-104.

Video Capture Card

Attached via a PCI-104 slot this video capture card provides hardware based encoding for 4 video inputs and 1 video output, along with 4 channels of mono/
stereo audio input.

Power ignition control

This function allows for in-vehicle IPCs to seamlessly switch from vehicle power to battery power and vice-versa.

Wide voltage input

This product supports a wider range of voltage inputs, allowing protection against surges and easier onsite implementation.

Integrated SIM card reader

Integrated in a mini-PCIe slot, the SIM card readers allow for users to enable 3G or GPS use for their IPC.

Extreme vibration resistance

Extensive testing on this appliance has proved that it can withstand higher than normal vibration resistance and is meant to be deployed in vehicles or other vibration prone settings.


Fanless design removes the most easily damaged component in an IPC, allowing the average life to be extended.

Extreme operating temperature

This product is ruggedized to support a wider than usual range of temperatures. Outfitted with industrial components (HDD, CF, Memory) this appliance can thrive in harsh conditions.

Screw locked power plug

This power plug is made to screw directly into the appliance chassis, allowing secure power connection in even the harshest of settings.


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