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Model 1073A Distribution Amplifier

The Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 1073A Distribution Amplifier is designed to buffer and distribute signals generated by sources such as the Models 1084A/B/C, 1088B, 1092A/B/C and the 1093A/B/C GPS Satellite-Controlled Clocks. The Model 1073A includes three separate channels, each with four high-drive-capability outputs, to buffer your choice of signals. Each channel has a limiting amplifier to stabilize the peak-to-peak signal level. Each input is galvanically isolated with a transformer or optical isolator to break ground loops and reject common-mode signals. Standard isolation is 2000 volt rms.

Each channel may be use independent signals or, for applications requiring more than four outputs, may use the same signal. Channel A may drive channels B and C or channel B may drive channel C. These selections are made with internal jumpers. For fiber-optic input signals, Option 01 provides an 820 nm, Type ST optical fiber input for channel A.

Each input and output may be individually ac- or dc-coupled. In dc-coupled mode, the Model 1073A can distribute 5 V CMOS/TTL logic-level signals, such as one pulse per second (1 PPS) and unmodulated IRIG-B timecode. In ac-coupled mode (intended for frequencies of 100 kHz or greater), the Model 1073A can receive and distribute timebase and reference frequency signals up to 10 MHz. Input and output configuration may be independently selected. For example, a channel may receive an ac-coupled 5 MHz input, and one output of that channel may be set for dc-coupled (logic-level) output while the other three are set for ac-coupled outputs. Settings are made with internal jumpers.

Because of the limiting amplifiers and frequency limit when ac coupled, the Model 1073A is not suitable for distribution of modulated IRIG-B signals.

Intended primarily for unattended operation, the Model 1073A has no display or keyboard. A front-panel LED indicates that power is applied and the unit is operating. Power options include 85 to 264 Vac/110 to 275 Vdc with an IEC-320 detachable cordset, 110 to 275 Vdc terminal strip inlet with surge withstand, or 10 to 60 Vdc terminal strip inlet with surge withstand.

For detailed description please download Data Sheet PDF.


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