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Model 1083B GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Standard

The Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 1083B GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Standard/Comparator delivers performance comparable to atomic frequency standards, but at a fraction of the price.

The outstanding long-term accuracy of the GPS system and the excellent short-term stability of Wenzel Streamline 10 MHz, third overtone SC-cut ovenized quartz oscillator combine to produce traceable, standard frequency outputs of 1 MHz, 5 MHz, and 10 MHz with outstanding spectral purity and long-term stability. These outputs are suitable for use as the frequency reference for counters and signal generators, or for multiplication to microwave frequencies. An output of one pulse per second (1 PPS) is also provided for time standard applications. The Model 1083B can also be equipped with a frequency measurement option (1083Bopt09) that allows the 1083B to measure the deviation and Allan Variance of a 1 MHz, 5 MHz, or 10 MHz signal and the deviation of a 1 PPS signal.

With the addition of a vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) and keyboard, the Model 1083B is ideal for both attended and unattended operation. All functions of the Model 1083B are available via the front panel and the serial interface. In addition to status and control information, the Model 1083B provides both UTC and local time, antenna position, and frequency deviation. Eight LEDs monitor operating status. The Model 1083B is equipped with an 85 to 264 Vac/110 to 370 Vdc power supply with an IEC-320 detachable cordset.

Additional 1 MHz, 5 MHz, and 10 MHz signals are available (up to eight total outputs), eliminating the need for a seperate distibution amplifier. For additional 1 PPS outputs, use the Arbiter Systems®; Model 1073A Distribution Amplifier. The Model 1073A provides a total of up to 12 additional outputs.

The GPS Data Backup Battery is included in the Model 1083B. This feature improves acquisition time by supplying constant power to the real-time clock and RAM in the GPS receiver module.

For detailed description please download Data Sheet PDF.


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