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Model 1095A/C Industrial GPS Clock

The Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 1095A/C Industrial GPS Clock is a GPS timing source for industrial applications that require common timing signals, such as IRIG-B, 1PPS, and RS-232 serial timecodes, in a small, rugged enclosure suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The Model 1095A/C with 250 ns (typical < 100 ns) worst-case accuracy meets the most demanding requirements including synchrophasors. The Model 1095C has a see-through cover with 4 LEDs to monitor operating status and a large 7-segment LED time display. The Model 1095A has an opaque cover. The 1095A/C comes standard with a built-in GPS antenna or can be configured with an optional external antenna.

Four outputs, with terminal strip connectors, provide three high-drive 5 Vdc (250 mA at > 4 V) outputs: IRIG-B00x level-shift, programmable pulse A and programmable pulse B, and one 4.5 Vpp modulated IRIG-B (IRIG-B12x) signals. All of the outputs have substantial drive capability to easily drive multiple loads in parallel. Two serial (RS-232) ports can be used for setup, or for serial timecodes such as IRIG-J. An RS-485 port (transmit only) is also included.

Standard features include a GPS Data Backup Battery, one Form C fail-safe relay, and Event Capture capability. The GPS Data Backup Battery maintains the real-time clock, almanac and ephemeris data in the 12-channel GPS receiver to speed acquisition. Satellites are acquired in as little as 15 seconds after a brief power loss. One Form C (SPDT) fail-safe relay is selectable to Fault, Unlocked, or Programmable Pulse functions and is compatible with digital fault recorder inputs. The Event Capture records events triggered from the dedicated, optically-isolated input or from either serial port receive line with 100 ns resolution.

The Model 1095A/C accepts nominal 12/24 Vdc (9-30 Vdc) power from battery or other power sources.

For detailed description please download Data Sheet PDF.


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