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Intel® ATOM based Type II micro-COM Express module with DDR2 SDRAM, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, SATA, USB and NAND Flash

  • The Intel® ATOM N450(Pineview-M) / D410 (Pineview-D, Single core) D510(Pineview-D, Duo core) and ICH8M platform that provides cost effective solution with low power and duo core processor technology
  • Intel® Pineview-M / Pineview-D can be supported on the same compact board
  • Support five PCI Express lanes, four x1 lanes can be configured to one x4 lane
  • On-board ATA 4GB Solid State Drive, up to 8G Byte
  • Support one DDR2 667MHz SDRAM, up to 4GB memory size (D510 only)
  • Support MPEG2 Decode in HW 4GB memory size

Portwell PCOM-B215VG series are designed with Intel® N450/D410/D510 + ICH8M low power, cost effective single/dual core solution, features monitor system loading, adjusting computing power, advance firmware for PATA/SATA security command, flash region protection. It is suitable for voice communication, stream network and social network security application to monitor and prevent intruders to steal data during system initial and operation stage


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