Terms of warranty

Terms of warranty


  • The manufacturer guarantees high quality and efficient operation of the equipment for which the warranty has been issued.
  • Any defects of the product arising during the warranty period will be removed free of charge. The time during which damaged products remain in the repair is not included in the warranty period.
  • Devices with a physical defect are considered to be devices that do not perform the functions specified in the operating instructions due to their malfunction, and the reason for the damage results from the internal properties of the device.
  • Goods covered by the manufacturer’s warranty are serviced on the basis of conditions specified by him. The warranty period for downloaded goods begins when the goods are released to the customer. The manufacturer grants a warranty on all his products, for a period of 12, 24 months or for life. For an additional fee, it is possible to extend the basic warranty period to 36 months.
  • Under the warranty, the entitled party has the right to have the device removed.
  • The holder of the warranty, for devices repaired in the service, is obliged to deliver the goods to the Service of the company QUANTUM Sp. z o.o. in person or through a carrier (forwarder) designated by QUANTUM Sp. z o.o ..

Conditions for accepting goods for service:

  • The completeness of the device in its original packaging, i.e. with such equipment and in the configuration in which it was purchased by the buyer. Equipment sent to the QUANTUM Sp. z o.o. not fulfilling the condition of completeness of the elements is accepted as OEM. The service time for such equipment can be 21 business days without informing the customer. In this case, the service is not obliged to return the equipment in full version.
  • The package should be accompanied by a copy of the purchase document and a properly completed warranty card (i.e. containing the date of delivery). If the product has no warranty card, it must have warranty stickers.
  • The advertised product should be accompanied by a detailed description of the damage and a completed complaint form.
  • If the goods are delivered to the service via a carrier (forwarder) – please attach to each package a specification containing: name of the product, serial number of the product if it is marked, as to identity, description of the attached equipment, number of goods contained in the package .
  • Removal of stickers, tapes and markings applied to the goods by the Buyer.
  • In the case of personal delivery of goods to the service, confirmation of its acceptance is the issue of the company’s service reverse.

The service reserves that:

  • does not issue a duplicate of the abovementioned the reverse;
  • shall not be liable for the consequences of losing the reverse;
  • has the right to choose how to handle the complaint.

If the goods are delivered via a carrier (freight forwarder), confirmation of receipt of the parcel to the QUANTUM Sp. z o.o., there is a signature and a company seal on the waybill by an employee of QUANTUM Sp. z o.o ..

Goods can be withdrawn from the Website and returned to the Buyer at his expense, if:

  • The buyer fails to comply with the conditions set out in point 7;
  • The delivery status differs from the one described in the attached documents;
    Withdrawal of goods or clarification of possible discrepancies should take place within two business days from the date of submission by the employee of QUANTUM Sp. z o.o. signature on the waybill;
  • Within the same period of two business days, the Buyer may raise objections as to the condition of the goods returned to him by the Website;
  • The two-day period is counted from the date of receipt of the goods (signature on the waybill by the Buyer);
  • No statement of objections mentioned in points 10.3 and 10.4. means acceptance of the parcel’s condition and loss of rights from items 10.3 – 10.4.

Service dates:

  • The service undertakes to repair the goods reported in the complaint mode, within 14 business days, counted from the date of receipt of the goods.
  • In the case of repairs of particular difficulty (e.g. the need to bring components from abroad), the repair period is extended to 42 working days.
  • Dates specified in item 11.1 and 11.2 shall not apply if it is established on the basis of relevant documents:
    • Contractor’s delay in payment of amounts due for the claimed goods, which is more than 7 days.
  • In the above case, until the day the Contractor settles the debt in full:
    • the time limits for removing defects and damage to the goods specified in point 11.1 and 11.2, is suspended and is not binding on the Website;
    • The Contractor agrees to retain the goods accepted for service in the deposit.
  • The goods should be picked up by the Buyer within a maximum of 3 months from the date of settling the complaint. After this date, the service will be entitled to liquidate the goods without paying any compensation.

The mode of delivery of goods from the QUANTUM Sp. z o.o .:

  • Presenting the original of the reverse – in the case of personal delivery of goods to the Website.
  • Sending the goods accepted to the Website to the Buyer’s address via the carrier (forwarder) at the Website’s expense.
  • The holder of the warranty has the right to exchange the goods for a new one or to correct the invoice in the following cases:
    • The service will carry out three basic repairs, and the product still does not have any utility functions or it is impossible to use the product for its intended purpose provided by the manufacturer. The website is not responsible for equipment incompatibility.
    • The service recognizes that it is impossible or impossible to meet the deadlines set out in points 11.1 and 11.2 with the reservation referred to in point 11.3.

Loss of warranty rights. The warranty will be forfeited if:

  • Breaks or damage to the seller or manufacturer’s warranty seals;
  • Unauthorized repairs carried out by unauthorized persons;
  • Damage or destruction of serial numbers;
  • Mechanical, chemical, thermal or intentional damage to the goods;
  • Damage resulting from improper use or non-compliance with the instructions for use, installation, storage or maintenance of the goods;
  • Damage caused during transport to the Website;
  • The warranty card or purchase document cannot be read.

Final Provisions.

  • The costs of repairs not covered by the warranty, as well as the costs of the inspection resulting in the absence of reported damage, are charged to the Buyer.
  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by random events (fire, flooding, flooding, electrical damage, etc.) and device malfunction caused by conflict or incompatibility between installed applications or resulting from viruses.
  • Service is not responsible for damages and losses resulting from the inability to use the equipment being repaired.
  • When collecting the goods, the buyer is obliged to check whether he has received a warranty card or whether warranty stickers have been affixed to the goods.
  • The Website is not responsible for the data (and their possible loss) on disks and other media delivered to the Website.
  • In all matters not covered by these conditions, the provisions of the Civil Code art. 577 – 588.