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Accusys is a worldwide leader in design, manufacturing, and marketing of RAID products. Over one decade since the establishment in 1995, Accusys has delivered many generations of cutting-edge and innovative RAID products. With years of experience in storage market, our product lines fulfill versatile applications, ranging from small offices to mission-critical data centers, and covering all major storage interfaces. Dedicated to research and development of RAID technology for years, Accusys' excellence has been recognized by many partners and evidenced by its winning of many product awards.

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Advanced Digital Logic

ADL Embedded Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of customizable, high-performance embedded solutions for demanding thermal and rugged environments. ADL Embedded Solutions diverse portfolio of products range from SBCs based on the AMD Geode™ and Intel® Atom® processors through high-performance 2nd and 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors built in PC/104 and 3.5” form factors, all of which can be delivered as part of a full system, or individual boards. Value-added services include ruggedization for high shock and vibration, extended temperature, and harsh environments, as well as CAD services including board modeling support and full enclosure design, build, and integration.

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AOS Technologies AG

AOS Technologies AG is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high speed cameras, high speed streaming systems, fast industrial vision systems offering turn key installations for its broad customer base. AOS products are used by leading companies in their industrial applications, by world class automotive manufacturer around the globe, in in-depth research projects of renowned Universities and last but not least serves as THE  high speed measurement device in demanding defence applications such as airborne store separation tests.


Responding to changes brought about in the memory industry during 1999, Apacer first found solid footing in the DRAM and embedded memory (industrial use SSD) industries, and then made its initial launch of its digital consumer product line. These three successful product lines acted as the three pillars which stoutly support Apacer as the leader in digital application innovation.

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Arbiter Systems

Arbiter Systems® Inc. manufactures GPS based precision time clocks, synchronized power measurement and power calibration products, designed to support industries where precision timing is mission critical. Applications include synchrophasor measurements, synchronized power measurements, computer network time synchronization (via NTP or PTP), event timing and other electric utility support.

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Our mission is to develope highly integrated industrial grade computer interfaces. Ever since 2004, we have developed excellent innovative products on: Network Security Appliance, Embedded System and Transportation Appliance. What we can offer you as our customer, is our sophisticated experience in research and development, as well as skillful system integrations.


Cogent Real-Time Systems provides real-time middleware products to enable live data integration and distribution for industrial, embedded, and financial systems. Cogent was incorporated in May, 1995 by a group of engineering and software professionals who recognized a need for robust, flexible tools to solve the wide variety of process control issues not addressed by standard products. We found that most tools on the market make it easy to solve 80% of the problem, but almost impossible to do the final 20%. Using innovative principles such as dynamic message passing and a loosely coupled architecture, we have developed a series of middleware products to support real-time collection and distribution of data for industrial and financial applications.

Connect Tech Inc.

We design and manufacture high performance multi-port serial adapters, engineering tools, FPGA and Digital I/O products, solid state drives, CAN controller cards, wireless radio modems and Ethernet-to-serial devices for the Industrial and Embedded PC market. Connect Tech's products include PCI, PCI Express, CompactPCI, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI/104-Express and ISA bus compatible boards, and external USB-to-serial and Ethernet-to-serial devices.

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Curtiss-Wright Controls, a division of Curtiss-Wright Corporation, emerged in the late 1960s as a natural growth of our decades of expertise in precision design, engineering and machining of propellers and transmission systems. Since then, we have focused our efforts on advanced technologies for niche actuation and drive applications, integrated sensors and controls, and electronic subsystems internationally for the aerospace, defense and industrial markets. Curtiss-Wright has a long tradition of design and manufacturing innovation, and prides itself on long-standing customer relationships. Today, our company is a recognized leader in high-quality cost-effective motion control solutions.

Eurotech Ltd.

Eurotech design, and manufacture a range of cost effective innovative embedded single board computers, application ready platforms and configurable systems for customers within the Transportation, Communications, Defence, Security, and Industrial engineering industries. Eurotech develops its products from initial concept, through complete electronic, mechanical and software design, to extended lifetime support. Eurotech's engineering and support teams offer enormous depth of experience in the field of hardware and system design, embedded operating systems and, communications protocols.

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FairCom provides the underlying database technology for vertical market applications, corporate-wide applications, and embedded processes. Whether a project requires the flexibility to move from single or multi-user to the unparalleled versatility and control offered with client/server models or a small memory footprint for embedded systems, FairCom offers developers the best database solution available on the market today, along with flexible licensing options.

General Micro Systems Inc.

As military systems become more sophisticated, it is critical to have the ability to select from different packaging options in order to achieve the optimal result. GMS, which continues to define the industry’s direction in design and manufacture of board and system-level products, has taken the lead on this concept with a series of three system offerings that comprise the very latest in embedded computing technology. GMS systems are targeted for applications where traditional VME/cPCI ATR packaging (card cage, power supply, fan trays, etc.) may not be considered due to size, weight, cost or other limiting factors. GMS systems pack the most performance for the lowest power consumption in the smallest package possible. All of our systems use only embedded devices for long life cycles and to withstand harsh environmental conditions -- for Mil/Aero applications meeting Mil-STD 810-F, 1275 and DO-160, to name a few.

Hartmann Electronic

Hartmann Electronic is an established leader in the design and manufacturing of backplanes and electronic packaging for micro-computer systems.  With over 30 years of experience in high-speed backplane design and manufacturing, Hartmann offers an extensive range of standard backplanes and system platform products supporting architectures including VME/64x, CompactPCI/2.16, AdvancedTCA, VPX, VXS, VXI, CompactPCIe, and others.


Till today i-sft only produces tailor-made display products, delivers very deep-down technological consultancy for all kind of display technologies, offers a very valuable trouble-shooting service to help lots of customers to overcome critical and costly display related problems and uses its very well equipped set of all kind of flat panel measurement systems to provide services to our customers display projects and own flat panel applications or independently for third party customer with their specific needs.

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IEI Integration Corp.

IEI Integration Corp. is a leading industrial computing service provider that integrates computing platforms and customization services as its core service. IEI provides hundreds of industrial computer boards, systems and peripherals in thousands of customer applications, and supports OEM/ODM services thereby reducing customers' design time and accelerating product development to help customers advance beyond their market competition. IEI's new business unit, IEIMobile, focuses solely on mobile and automation computing such as cloud computing, wireless networking and Internet of things. IMobile provides professional mobile solutions, including tablet PC, industrial PDA and in-vehicle computing devices. The vision of IEIMobile is to offer reliable, ready-to-use and user-friendly mobile platforms.

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iKey is a family-owned and operated business that has perfected the design and manufacture of premium quality keyboards over the past 25 years. Built from humble beginnings in an Austin, Texas garage, iKey’s products are now the leader in the rugged peripheral market, and used everywhere from Air Force One to your local hospital. Originally known as Texas Industrial Peripherals, iKey’s first years in business focused on the manufacturing market, and providing customers with a reliable solution that would enable productivity in the dusty, dirty environments often found near heavy machinery. After building a stellar reputation for service and quality with its core industrial customers, iKey expanded into other markets, including logistics, medical, military and mobile. Today, iKey manufactures the world’s most complete line of rugged computer peripherals, including keyboards, pointing devices, displays, tablet cases and mobile accessories.

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Ka-Ro Electronics

Today, Ka-Ro is a renowned manufacturing service company for all issues of highly-developed series and customized electronic manufacturing. Since 1997, Ka-Ro has been based in the Pascalstrasse, Aachen, and occupies its own company premises with over 2500qm of space. In 2001 the decision was made to diversify the Ka-Ro business model. Due to the radical price drop in electronic manufacturing, Ka-Ro decided to extend its portfolio and to create a range of own products for which they founded a new division in the company. Ka-Ro’s knowledge of the market, the know-how in manufacturing combined with a high level of expertise in engineering lay the foundation to design new component groups and to put new synergies to practice. Today, manufacturing and product development go hand in hand at Ka-Ro.

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Kyland Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of industrial hardened communication technologies for harsh environments. Kyland provides advanced, reliable solutions for industrial information network platforms by combining data acquisition technologies and data management technologies. Kyland’s core competence lies in embedded functions and management software that reside in a reliable hardware platform. Kyland leads the industry in ring redundancy, zero-packet-loss, precision clock synchronization, wide temperature range, and Electro Magnetic Compatible Technologies. Kyland’s products include sophisticated data security, physical-layer security, class-based broadcast storm control, intrinsic safety all within a corrosion resistant design anti-vibration design.

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Lanner Electronics Inc.

Founded in 1986 and publicly listed (TAIEX 6245) since 2003, Lanner Electronics Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified designer and manufacturer of reliable, frontline network security, network video and embedded computing platforms.

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Lauterbach is the world largest producer of hardware assisted debug tools. Our engineering team has more than 30 years experience in making world class debuggers and emulators. Our product line TRACE32® supports technologies like JTAG, BDM, NEXUS or ETM with embedded debuggers, software and hardware trace and logic analyzer systems for over 3500 cores and CPUs within 250 families like ARM9, ARM11, CORTEX, PowerPC, MIPS, TriCore, etc.

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The design of Memoright SSD is centered around corporate (military/vehicle/ enterprise and industrial) users, who need incredibly fast and stable performance with 100% data integrity. In addition to a standardized range of products, we also deliver customized solutions to meet our customers' needs. In order to best support our extensive product range and rapidly increasing needs all over the world, we have set up R&D and support centers in the US, Europe and Asia. We have also constructed state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Wuhan, China and Taiwan with ISO 9001 certified quality management systems. Memoright prides itself on excellent performance, high reliability, and cost effectiveness.

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MikroB S.A.

Zakład Elementów i Systemów Automatyki Przemysłowej "MikroB" S.A. istnieje od 1988 roku. Pierwszy w kraju opracował i wdrożył na wielu obiektach autorski system SCADA - PRO–2000 - nowoczesny i elastyczny system nadzorowania i wizualizacji procesów przemysłowych. Jesteśmy firmą inżynierską. Posiadamy wysoko wykwalifikowaną kadrę inżynieryjno - techniczną jak też i dobrze wyposażone zaplecze techniczno-konstrukcyjne. Wykonujemy usługi inżynierskie w zakresie szeroko rozumianej automatyki.


The success story of the enterprise is based on various unique solutions for industrial needs: a rugged and robust PC compatible industrial concept, innovative solutions, as well as the long-term availability of the systems. Further key strengths of MPL AG are the products low power consumption and extended temperature range that is being offered for all products as well as customized solutions and the professional support that comes with each product. The claim "High-Tech made in Switzerland" is taken seriously and is proven by a steady growing base of satisfied customers throughout the world.

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Our reputation for quality and our strong focus on customer service have positioned us as a reliable and innovative supplier of input devices.  Since 1986 we have delivered reliable solutions for demanding applications in various industries. Whatever your requirements, whatever your application, we want to make sure our keyboard, trackball or other input device will provide you the highest level of control and accuracy. Besides a large range of standard products, our dedicated team of development engineers enables us to deliver optimum custom products fulfilling your exact requirements. We regard close cooperation with our customers throughout the entire design and production process as the key point to a successful partnership and perfect solution.


Headquartered in Taiwan, PERFECTRON focuses on providing wide-temp embedded computer solutions for industrial automation, process control, transportation, telecommunication and many other industries. PERFECTRON's drive toward innovative technological standards enables the company to offer a portfolio containing wide range of CPU modules in various form factors, as well as industrial motherboards, wide-temp fanless rugged systems, display solutions and computer-on-modules that can be implemented to withstand extreme environment conditions, shock and vibration.

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For nearly 30 years Planar has grown behind innovation upon innovation that delivered superior displays for the most challenging needs and circumstances where both the customer and end-user have the most demanding requirements. “When Image Experience Matters” is truly when Planar matters. Planar has led over sixty innovations in the display industry for the world’s most demanding environments across many markets including medical, space, security, utility, transportation, retail, government, business and home theater.


Portwell, Inc., an Associate Member of the Intel® Embedded Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers, designs and manufactures Communication Appliances along with a full range of Industrial Platform Service (Industrial Computer, Embedded Computing, Digital Security Surveillance, Peripheral), Communication Appliance Service, Vertical Market Service(POS, Gaming, In-Vehicle Infortainment, EMS/DMS), Panel Device Service(Portable PC, IP65, Open Frame, Project) . With streamline access to the latest Intel technology, we paved the way with the broadest array of building blocks, delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet and even exceed the demanding needs of the ever-changing telecommunication, medical electronics, industrial automation, defense and life automation markets.

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Protech Systems

Established in 1980, Protech Systems Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial PCs, automation products and embedded computers for companies around the world. Product lines include single board computers, book-size PCs, POS, and Panel PCs. Protech Systems is an Associate Member of the Intel Communications Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers. Protech is certified by TUV Product Services for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Protech is dedicated to providing customers with top quality, high performance solutions along with the most reliable professional service.

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QNX® products are designed for embedded systems running on various platforms, including ARM and x86, and a host of boards implemented in virtually every type of embedded environment. The QNX® Neutrino® RTOS has been qualified to various safety and security standards for use in products with high criticality and low tolerance for failure.

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REDFOX AG develops, manufactures and markets ultra ruggedized computers and systems for continuous applications. Working through active partnerships we respond to clients’ requirements with innovative products and services. REDFOX computer platforms meet the requirements for mobile and stationary applications in harsh environmental conditions. REDFOX products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland, in line with the Swiss reputation for top quality. The company was founded in 1985 as Mettler & Fuchs AG, to create specific hardware and software solutions for industrial and military clients. REDFOX AG was formed from Mettler & Fuchs AG in 2010, aiming to specialize in ruggedized computer platforms. The workforce of 50 creates individual custom solutions for clients to meet the most demanding quality requirements.

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STEC Inc. is now a part of HGST a Western Digital Company. HGST has an unmatched reputation for product quality and reliability; offering award-winning enterprise optimization software and a broad portfolio of innovative, high-quality hard disk and solid state drives that store, manage and protect the world’s data. Our intelligent storage solutions are trusted by enterprises, Internet companies, consumers and creative professionals to store and manage their data efficiently and securely. Our commitment is to deliver innovative, high-value datacenter, mobile, personal and consumer electronics storage solutions together with storage infrastructure consultation to the world’s largest and most sophisticated OEMs, businesses and hyperscale cloud customers. Our unmatched science and unique technology vision, combined with our deep understanding of customers’ needs and market opportunities, sets us apart.

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Sybase, an SAP company, is an enterprise software and services company offering software to manage, analyze, and mobilize information, using relational databases, analytics and data warehousing solutions and mobile applications development platforms.

Tri-M Technologies Inc.

Tri-M specializes in providing customers with rugged power solutions for hositle environments. In addition Tri-M also designs and manufactures other types of rugged embedded systems hardware including CPU boards, I/O and communication modules, and enclosures. Tri-M products are prominent in many industries; including mobile and intelligent highway, industrial controls and robotics, military and aerospace equipment, medical devices, and advanced security products. Tri-M products span the land, sea and heavens.

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XJTAG is a leading supplier of IEEE Std. 1149.1 compliant boundary scan development tools. Its JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) development system offers a highly competitive solution for designers and developers of electronic circuits. Utilising XJTAG allows the circuit development and prototyping process to be shortened significantly by facilitating early test development, early design validation, fast development of functional tests and test re-use across circuits that use the same devices. XJTAG is based in Cambridge, UK, and is part of the Cambridge Technology Group. XJTAG was the first boundary scan solution to offer a common platform for use by design and development engineers, test engineers, contract manufacturers and field test engineers, providing testing of not only JTAG-enabled devices but non-JTAG devices as well.

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