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2U NPU Platforms




  • Lanner - 2U NPU Platforms


Lanner 2U network processor appliances offer best-in-class performance for enterprise deployment applications. Product features include high-reliability, redundancy and failure over.

FW-9100 Dual-Mainboard Network Communication Appliance with Dedicated Cavium Acceleration Board Features 2U rackmount dual mainboard system Intel Q965 + ICH8B chipset Intel Core 2 Quad support, LGA775 In-rack replaceable modules High availability, redundancy Flexible network modules including GbE copper, S ...
MR-950 A Multi-core MIPS64 platform with embedded security acceleration features Features OCTEON CN5860 and CN3860 family of Multi-core MIPS64 processors targets intelligent networking. Eight GbE/SFP Combo ports and 2GbE GbE ports. Unique hardware acceleration implements the latest set of algorithms to enab ...
MR-956 2U Multi-core MIPS64 network security platform with embedded acceleration features, 14 GbE network ports plus 12-port module Features OCTEON CN58XX and CN38XX Multi-core MIPS64 security processors 4-16 processor cores 28.8G instructions per second Replaceable 12-port network module 14GbE network ports onboard Linux support
MR-960 Multi-Threaded network processor platform based on Netlogic's XLR™ processor Features Netlogic® XLR™ processor architecture supports up to eight MIPS64®-compatible cores for a total of 32 threads. Fourteen network ports. Eight GbE and Six SFP ports. Integrated Autonomous Security Acceler ...
MRX-CN56 Cavium Network Processor Module Features Cavium CN5650 MIPS64-based processor Modular design, fits into Lanner FW-8800 series network application platforms 4 RJ45 GbE ports PCI-E (x4), XAUI connector expansion 2 Mini-DIMM slots for DDR2 533/667MHz memory

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