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What is FeaturePak?

FeaturePak is a mezzanine-style standard designed to work with existing standards such as PC/104, SUMIT, Qseven, ETX, XTX, COM Express, etc.

FeaturePak modules are smaller than a credit card at 42mm x 65mm in size and make use of a low-cost connector to integrate all host and external I/O interfaces. Using FeaturePak allows you to reconfigure your system design using off the shelf modules based on an open standard that will ensure a strong eco-system.

Nazwa Charakterystyka Adapter
Xtreme/FP Compatible with any FeaturePak host board
4 Ports RS-232
PCI Express UART
256 bytes of transmit and receive FIFO buffers
Automatic hardware and software flow control
Speeds of up to 1Mbps
16 digital IO or timer/counter functionality (5V or 3.3V selectable)
Primary and secondary FeaturePak IO groups utilized
PCI Express to FeaturePak Adapter

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