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Custom Boards


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Custom Design Services from Connect Tech

Connect Tech endeavors to provide a thorough selection of high quality, multi-port serial adapters. We understand, however, that every application is unique.

If you can't find the exact product you need, Connect Tech's team of in-house engineers can design an adapter to fit your specific application requirements.

Looking for custom baud rates? Have unique connectivity needs? Our innovative staff can ensure you get the best possible product, by combining our technology with your specifications to design and manufacture a board in a timely, cost-effective manner.

The Hardware Customization Procedure

To begin the process, simply call or e-mail our team QUANTUM Corp. and we'll put your solution in motion. An experienced sales representative will guide you through the process and establish a dialogue between our design team and you or your representatives. Our design team comprises members from various departments, including sales, hardware and software engineering, manufacturing and purchasing.

Our sales reps are trained to listen to your system parameters and address any special connectivity concerns, to help you define your multi-port requirements. This first stage is about ensuring you request exactly what you need. Your rep will then formalize your request and submit it for review.

Our engineers will review the custom specifics, and ensure the design and implementation is feasible for both our hardware and software designers, while remaining cost effective. If there are any concerns, they will be addressed at this time.

You will be provided with a formal written quotation. This quotation will vary by customer, depending on the quantity requested and degree of specialization. The quote will clearly outline the specifics of your custom product, an NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) cost if applicable, and lead times.

The first lead time indicates when you will receive a prototype (called a “lead time to first article”) for testing and approval purposes. This gives you the opportunity to look it over, try it in your system and confirm that the product is operating as expected. It ensures that any necessary tweaking is dealt with pre-production, not post. With your written approval, we will begin a production run. The second lead time or “lead time to production units” represents when you will receive the finished product.

Place an NCNR Purchase Order. NCNR stands for Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable. When the purchase order is placed for your custom product, you will be required to sign an agreement stating you understand you are not able to cancel the order once accepted, nor can you return your custom product. You will still enjoy our free technical support program, excellent customer service, and lifetime warranty.

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